Tursaspassi returning party

The time has come to return your Tursaspassi! Tursaspassi returning event is held at Solu’s front yard on Wednesday 24.4. at 10am-2pm.
You can get the last stamps and we will be serving grill sausages too! So come and return your Tursaspassi and wish for the win! See you at Solu!

Disturbances in Tuudo mobile student card 28.3.

Today, Thursday 28 March, around 11:00 a.m., there have been disturbances in the visibility of Tamko members’ mobile student card in Tuudo. The student card may have changed its color from blue to pink meal subsidy card. We are aware of the disturbances and immediately notified Tuudo, where the matter is being investigated. If you…

Do good charity event

What’s useless to you, could come in handy for someone else! We are organizing the Share good charity event, where you can help fellow students by bringing items you don’t need. In return, you can take what you need. The Share good event is a way to help students who are in a tight situation financially and of course encourage recycling!