Council elections

Council elections will be held yearly in autumn. Please note that Council’s working language is finnish.


You can vote in the elections in the fall every year.

The electronic voting takes place via email link. The link will be sent to TUNI email for all Tamko members who are eligible to vote in the Council elections. Students who have joined Tamko during the Council elections will have the voting link sent to their email immediately after joining. The ballot box voting takes place on TAMK campuses and the ballots are handed out at the voting place. Please note that student card or official ID are required to prove your identity for the election supervisor.

Ballot box voting takes place on these campuses:

  • Main campus (Kuntokatu 3, 33210 Tampere)
  • Mediapolis (Tohlopinranta 31, 33270 Tampere)
  • Proakatemia (Finlaysoninkuja 21 A, 33210 Tampere)


All those who have enrolled for the following semester and are members of Tamko can stand as a candidate and vote in the elections.

How can I stand as a candidate?

  1. Fill out the candidate announcement as an e-form or in paper (available from Tamko office)
  2. Declare yourself to a candidate list (most TAMK student associations and clubs are collecting the candidate lists)
  3. Advertise yourself (through social media, among your study friends, etc. you can also put posters to notice boards. Ask more info from office(at)