Peer tutoring

Peer tutors ensure that new students will feel right at home from their first day at TAMK. Peer tutors introduce students to the practices of Tampere University of Applied Sciences, studies of their degree programme and to the new city and local student life. Peer tutors support new students for the entirety of their first academic year. Peer tutoring (vertaistuutorointi) is done in Finnish, for English speaking degree programs we organize Degree tutoring.

Participating in tutoring includes Tamko’s training, introducing your student group to TAMK, student life and Tampere in the orientation days, monthly meetings with your tutoring group and participating in two Tamko events. In addition to these activities, you get to visit a meeting of the Council and have the possibility to meet new people from all degree programmes.

Peer tutoring awards 4 credits. In addition to trainings and tutoring, a learning diary must be submitted to get the credits. Peer tutor applications are open every autumn. Keep an eye on our announcements!

For more information:  Board member in charge of tutoring and Tutoring expert