Student representatives

Student representatives are TAMK students who participate in the meetings of the bodies and working groups of Tampere University of Applied Sciences, bringing a student’s point of view to the table. The Students’ Union appoints all student representatives to the multi-member bodies of Tampere University of Applied Sciences. In addition, representatives appointed by the Students’ Union work in, for example, the boards and other bodies of various companies, foundations and other similar entities.

If you are interested in becoming a student representative, contact our actors in charge of educational and social affairs.


Board of Tampere University of Applied Sciences Ltd 

  • Linda Vallenius (Since May 2023) 

TAMK’s Higher Education Council’s student members (2023-2024) 

  • Julia Väänänen (appointed 19.4.2023)   
  • Emma Kaunismaa (appointed 7.2.2024)   

TAMK’s Board of Examiners (2023-2024) 

  • Salla Viheriälä, personal deputy member Berfin Üstün (appointed 7.2.2024)   

Alumni Council  

  • Riku Pitkänen (2024)  
  • Aku Käkilehto (2024)  
  • Petra Toivonen (2024) 

Working Group on Sustainability and Responsibility 

  • Erica Kinnunen, deputy member Jenny Mustikka (2024)   

Education and Curriculum Working Group  

  • Veera Bohjanen and Hannastiina Ruismäki (2024)   

Working Group on Quality Management  

  • Veera Bohjanen and Hannastiina Ruismäki, deputy members Jenny Mustikka and Riku Pitkänen (2024)  

LAM Working Group  

  • Topias Nikki (2024)  

Working Group for the Development of Tuition fees and Scholarship System 

  • Erica Kinnunen (2024) 

Study Environment Inspections Group (FSHS)  

  • Hannastiina Ruismäki (2024) 

Student Counsellor Working Group  

  • Emma Kaunismaa and Elli Korhonen (2024)   

Accessibility Working Group  

  • Tommi Kantola and Hannastiina Ruismäki (2024)  

Indoor Air Quality Working Group 

  • Hannastiina Ruismäki (2024) 

TAMK’s Crisis Group  

  • Elli Korhonen, deputy member Hannastiina Ruismäki (2024) 

TAMK’s Group on Security and Rescue Operation  

  • Jasmeet Saini (2024)   

Working Group on Student Well-being (FSHS) 

  • Jenny Mustikka and Hannastiina Ruismäki (2024) 

Management Group of Research, Development, Innovation and Competences 

  • Julia Väänänen (2024) 


  • Erica Kinnunen and Elli Korhonen (2024) 


Digitalization Group: Riina Ahvenus, deputy member Erica Kinnunen  
Carbon Footbrint Group: Tommi Kantola   
Student Wellbeing Programme Working Group: Elli Korhonen and Hannastiina Ruismäki  
SportUni Working Group: Jarkko Hannula 
Societal Interaction Council: Erica Kinnunen, debuty member Topias Nikki  
Study Environments Core Team: Veera Bohjanen, deputy member Jenny Mustikka  
The follow-up Committee for the Strategic Partnership Agreement of Tampere Universities and The City of Tampere: Julia Väänänen, deputy member Minja Kero 
TAMK Data Security Group: Riina Ahvenus 
Community Services:  
Information Management: Riina Ahvenus 
Facilities Management: Topias Nikki  
Library Services: Jarkko Hannula  
Sport Services: Jarkko Hannula 


Board of Opiskelijan Tampere ry  

  • Minja Kero and Jasmeet Saini (2024)      

Board of Campusravita Oy  

  • Mikael Wänskä (Chairperson), Kia Kauppinen and Kati Tuomisto (2024) 

Campusravita Oy Restaurant Committee  

  • Minja Kero (2024)    

Student Union of Tampere University’s (TREY) and Tamko’s Local Politics Advocacy Group – Group 35 000  

  • Julia Väänänen, Jenny Mustikka, Veera Bohjanen and Minja Kero (2024)   

Delegation of Tampere Student Housing Foundation (TOAS) 2023 – 2024  

  • Emmi Lainpelto, deputy member Johanna Yrjölä (appointed in autumn 2022)   
  • Emma Haatainen, deputy member Matti Hämelahti (deputy member appointed in autumn 2023)   

Board of Tampere Student Housing Foundation (TOAS) 2023 – 2024  

  • Joonas Soukkio, deputy member Riku Pitkänen (appointed in autumn 2023)  

FSHS Council 2023-2024   

  • Hannastiina Ruismäki (appointed in autumn 2022)   

FSHS Regional Management Group 2023-2024  

  • Linda Vallenius   

Meetpoint Group  

  • Jarkko Hannula 
  • Petra Toivonen