Student representatives

Student representatives are TAMK students who participate in the meetings of the bodies and working groups of Tampere University of Applied Sciences, bringing a student’s point of view to the table. The Students’ Union appoints all student representatives to the multi-member bodies of Tampere University of Applied Sciences. In addition, representatives appointed by the Students’ Union work in, for example, the boards and other bodies of various companies, foundations and other similar entities.

If you are interested in becoming a student representative, contact our actors in charge of educational and social affairs.


Alumni Council

  • Ilari Savikko, deputy member Kia Kauppinen (2021)
  • Aleksander Tuckett, deputy member Janette Kyllönen (2021)
  • Tytti Mattila, deputy member Hannastiina Ruismäki (2021)

Board of Tampere University of Applied Sciences Ltd

  • Kia Kauppinen (Since May 2021)

TAMK’s Higher Education Council’s student members

  • Mikko Wrightson (appointed 18.11.2020) 
  • Anni Ala-Viikari (appointed 18.11.2020) 

TAMK’s Board of Examiners

  • Kati Tuomisto, personal deputy member Laura Korhonen (appointed 18.11.2020) 

International Affairs Group

  • Aleksander Tuckett (2021) 

Working Group on Sustainable Development

  • Joonas Soukkio, deputy member Arttu Laukkanen (2021) 

Working Group on Quality Management

  • Hanna Ojaniemi and Hannastiina Ruismäki, deputy members Aleksander Tuckett and Kia Kauppinen (2021) 

LAM Working Group

  • Arttu Laukkanen, deputy member Aleksander Tuckett (2021)

Education and Curriculum Working Group

  • Hanna Ojaniemi and Hannastiina Ruismäki (2021) 

Accessibility Working Group

  • Kia Kauppinen and Hannastiina Ruismäki (2021)

Student Counsellor Working Group

  • Johanna Yrjölä and Elli Korhonen (2021) 

Accessibility Group on Learning and Guidance

  • Johanna Yrjölä, deputy member Arttu Laukkanen (2021)

TAMK’s Steering Group on Security and Rescue Operation

  • Tomi Hyppänen (2021) 

TAMK’s Tuition Fee and Scholarship System Development Working Group

  • Aleksander Tuckett, deputy member Hanna Ojaniemi (2021)

TAMK’s Crisis Group

  • Elli Korhonen, deputy member Hannastiina Ruismäki (2021)



Professional Teacher Education Advisory Board: –
Vehicle Engineering Advisory Board: Arttu Vihavainen
Biomedical Laboratory Science Advisory Board: –
Bioproduct Engineering Advisory Board: Ville Tamminen
Energy and Environmental Engineering Advisory Board: –
Emergency Care Advisory Board: –
Physiotherapy Advisory Board: Petri Salminen
Wellbeing Technology (Master’s Degree) Advisory Board:
ICT Advisory Board: Ilari Savikko and Petri Irri
Mechanical Engineering Advisory Board: Jonna Seppälä
Midwifery Advisory Board: Siiri Salstola
Laboratory Engineering Advisory Board: Aleksi Takala 
Business Administration Advisory Board:  Veli-Matti Kolari
Service Business Advisory Board: Ella Koivunen
Mediapolis Advisory Board: Erkki Busnov
Forestry Advisory Board: Reetu Moilanen
Construction Site Management Advisory Board: Tarmo Lukkarinen (Construction Engineering), Kaisa Immonen (Construction Architect), Ossi Nieminen (Construction Site Management)
Radiography and Radiotherapy Advisory Board: Satu Mäkelä
Nursing Advisory Board: Merja Flink and Mona Ristikartano 
Social Services Advisory Board: Armi-Tuulia Taivainen
Electrical Engineering Advisory Board: Joakim Jokipii 
Building Services Advisory Board: Jarno Nevanperä and Jani Vuotila 
Tampere Music Academy Advisory Board:  Fanni Palmanto 
Public Health Nursing Advisory Board:  Freija Häärä
Health Care (Master’s Degrees) Advisory Board: –


Digitalization Steering Group: Hanna Ojaniemi, deputy member Aleksander Tuckett 
Carbon Group: 
Kia Kauppinen 
Campus Development Team: 
Janette Kyllönen, deputy member Aleksander Tuckett 
Kauppi Campus Working Group on Student Well-being: 
Joonas Soukkio and Hannastiina Ruismäki 
Sustainable Development Working Group: 
Kia Kauppinen, deputy member Janette Kyllönen 
Student Well-being Program Working Group: 
Janette Kyllönen, Elli Korhonen and Hannastiina Ruismäki 
SportUni Steering Group: 
Janette Kyllönen 
Social Interaction Council: 
Kia Kauppinen, deputy member Suvi Hänninen 


Board of Opiskelijan Tampere ry 2020

  • Suvi Hänninen and Emmi Lainpelto (appointed in autumn 2020) 

Board of Campusravita Oy

  • Risto Masonen (Chairperson), Anna Laurila and Jenni Tammenmaa (appointed in autumn 2020)

Student Union of Tampere University’s (TREY) and Tamko’s Local Politics Advocacy Group – Group 35 000

  • Joonas Soukkio, Kia Kauppinen and Hannastiina Ruismäki (2021) 

Delegation of Tampere Student Housing Foundation (TOAS) 2021–2022

  • Hanna Ojaniemi, deputy member Mikko Wrightson (appointed in autumn 2020) 
  • Joonas Soukkio, deputy member Suvi Välilehto (appointed in autumn 2020) 

Board of Tampere Student Housing Foundation (TOAS) 2020–2021

  • Tomi Hyppänen (appointed in autumn 2019)

FSHS Council 2021–2022 

  • Hannastiina Ruismäki (appointed in autumn 2020)