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Student clubs


Antura is Tampere University of Applied Sciences’ building trade students’ club. Its purpose is to boost the feeling of solidarity between the Construction Engineer and Construction Site Management students and strengthen the cooperation between students and the field’s firms and trade unions.

Board 2021:

  • Mira Setälä – chairperson
  • Mikko Laakso – vice chairperson/secretary
  • Tuukka Ahvenus – event coordinator
  • Kaisa Haanpää – firm and cooperation coordinator
  • Pasi Kuusisalo – tutor coordinator
  • Riku Pitkänen – marketing coordinator
  • Sara Räsänen – financial coordinator
  • Sami Hämäläinen – deputy member
  • Sami Silfverhuth – deputy member
  • Sakari Tasanen – deputy member

Antura on Facebook

Instagram: @anturatamk


BICEPS on Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulun fysioterapeuttiopiskelijoiden kerho, jonka tarkoituksena on toimia jäsenistönsä yhdyssiteenä sekä tiedonvälittäjänä. Kerhon tehtävänä on kehittää opetuksen ja opiskelun sisältöä sekä toimia linkkinä alan toimijoihin. Kerho toimii alan opiskelijoiden edunvalvojana koulussa. Kerho järjestää jäsenistölleen erilaisia koulutuksia sekä mukavaa yhteistä tekemistä tuodakseen eri vuosiluokkia yhteen.

Board 2021:

  • Petri Salminen – chairperson
  • Henri Kupi – vice chairperson
  • Mira Laine – finances, membership register
  • Joel Anttinen – deputy secretary & education policy coordinator
  • Anni Louhoskari – secretary
  • Taru Nieminen – event coordinator
  • Siiri Nykänen – publicity & communication
  • Aliisa Oksanen – publicity & communication
  • Sanja Säpyskä – facilities coordinator

Contact the board by email: biceps(ät)
Contact the chairperson of the board by email: pj.biceps(ät)
Biceps on Facebook
Instagram: @BicepsTAMK


The purpose of the Biomedical Laboratory Scientist students’ club is to bring the Biomedical Laboratory Scientist students of all student year groups together.

Board 2020:

  • Oona Mäkinen – chairperson
  • Jutta Remes – vice chairperson
  • Sonja Rantamäki – secretary and publicist
  • Anni-Liina Honkakunnas – event and external relations coordinator

Chairperson’s email: biokepj(at)
Board’s email: bioke(at)
BioKe on Facebook
Instagram: @bioke_tamk


GLOBE (= Giant Leprechauns On Behalf of the Environment) is a student club for Enviromental Engineering students in TAMK. We organize different sorts of events, gatherings and trips for all ENVEs. We also try to influence on important environmental issues in our surroundings. Everyone is free to join us and also to bring in new ideas.
Our website will tell you more and please visit TAMKs International and English blog ( to find writings about Environmental Engineering world and events in TAMK.

Hallitus / Board 2020:

  • Elina Bak – President
  • Nikolai Sladkov – Vice President
  • Amanda Pokki – Secretary
  • Maria Vlasova – Media Team
  • Parsa Eshraghromi – Senior Advisor
  • Alisa Lätti – Educational Affairs
  • Jaate Serlippens – Event Organizer

GLOBE Facebookissa

Instagram: @globetamk


HAPPO ry is Tampere University of Applied Sciences’ Laboratory Engineering students’ club. HAPPO ry promotes the interests of the Laboratory Engineering students and organizes events and excursions to firms in the field. The organization offers its members affordable coffee, participates in tutoring activities, helps new students to acquire overalls and sells overall patches both to its members and non-members. You can find Happo members from Kuntokatu Campus, wing A’s underground floor (A0), and you can reach us by this address: happo(at)

Board 2021:

  • Riina Perälä – chairperson, pj.happo(at)
  • Minttu Koskela – vice chairperson
  • Riku Fagerström – member coordinator
  • Tinja Jakonen – event lady
  • Jaakko Järvenpää – education policy coordinator
  • Sanni Koukku – overalls coordinator
  • Lukas Rantala – overalls coordinator
  • Jussi Lahtinen – treasurer
  • Amanda Nyström – secretary

HAPPO on Facebookissa
Instagram: @happo_ry

Konekerho ry

Konekerho ry is TAMK’s Mechanical Engineering students’ and Vehicle Engineering students’ club. Konekerho organizes excursions to firms, our own events and cooperative events with other clubs and organizations. In spring, Konekerho members have the opportunity for a week-long exchange period in Germany, which is organized in cooperation with TAMK and Hochshule Hannover. Konekerho offers its member a club room that can be found on the floor A0. The club room has capabilities for both group work and leisure time between lectures.

Board 2021:

  • Kevin Kasurinen – chairperson
  • Eetu Mäntykenttä – vice chairperson
  • Jonna Seppälä – education policy and member coordinator
  • Varpu Salonen – treasurer
  • Riina Salonen – publicity and marketing
  • Ilona Pitkänen – graphic design
  • Miia Lehtonen – firm and cooperation coordinator and Hannover coordinator
  • Lassi Laakso – project coordinator
  • Anni Ahola – event coordinator

Konekerho on Facebookissa
Instagram: @Konekerho

Puusuutarit ry

Puusuutarit ry is TAMK’s Construction Engineering students’ club that organizes Asta Fair in cooperation with Tampere Trade Fairs and TAMK every spring. The association consists of third-year and fourth-year students of which the fourth-year students have the lead responsibility and the third-years students act as apprentices.

Actors 2020:

From this link:

Puusuutarit on Facebookissa
Puusuutarit website
Instagram: @Puusuutaritry


Score is a new student club for people interested in video game development. It aims to be the first Finnish student chapter of IGDA, the International Game Developers’ Association. Score is also formally known as Tampere University of Applied Sciences Game Development Club.

Who gets to Score?

Basically anyone who’s up for it! We invite every student interested in gamedev as a career, as one of our main points is to form an active medium for students to communicate with each other – pretty much what IGDA is doing with the current developers. We plan on creating and maintaining relationships with other similar instances (like DiGRA) and all local studios.

Our aims can be split in two as follows:

1. Getting our hands dirty

Making our own games and/or modifications to existing games. Nothing can replace real life experience, so we must do what we must do. We will have at least one project on at all times depending on resources and prefer smaller/more creative/experimental ones over big total conversions or such.
We have a lot of students who study producing/design/audio/writing etc, so it’s in our interests to build “simple” games with rich content or unique playability. Self reflectionism is also a keyword, as we want to study every aspect of game design and not take anything as-is.

2. Networking and directing studies

It is not that easy to know what is up in the business and who is who without digging the web really hard. We plan on providing a more efficient channel of information for the students and at the same time a possibility for the companies to review possible future employees. We would love to see companies recruiting students from our ranks to some low level summer jobs and such.
Besides that, we help students to find the most efficient way to utilise their skills on game dev, not depending on what their major is in school.

How can I Score?

In short: Let us know you exist! You might want to visit our home page and follow the instructions there. If you are still not sure, you can always contact us at score(at) or join our club meetings!


SOURCE is TAMK’s ICT Engineering students’ club. We organize all kinds of events, and our purpose is to create a more tightly-knit network of IT professionals and share information about the opportunities in our field.

Board 2021:

  • Mikko Wrightson – chairperson
  • Artturi Koutonen – vice chairperson
  • Joonas Korpela – event coordinator
  • Tomi Minkkinen – external relations coordinator
  • Nelli Niinivaara – secretary and publicity coordinator
  • Toni Rantanen – recreation coordinator
  • Veera Selin – member and club room coordinator
  • Jonna Sorsa – treasurer
  • Aaro Toivonen – webmain
SOURCE’s website
SOURCE on Facebook

Instagram: @source_ry


SYNTAKSI ry is TAMK’s Business Information Systems students’ club. The club’s purpose is to make the students more visible and create suitable events for them.

Board 2021:

  • Juhani Nevala – chairperson
  • Milla Kaasalainen – vice chairperson
  • Eetu Niittymäki – secretary
  • Oskari Irjala – treasurer

syntaksi(at), syntaksiry(at)
SYNTAKSI ry on Facebook
Instagram:  @syntaksiry


Talotekniikan Kilta (freely translated as Building Services Engineering Guild), TaTek, is a club under the Students’ Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences (Tamko) that was established in 2010. The purpose of the guild is to enhance the feeling of solidarity between students of HVAC Systems and Electrical Systems and improve the cooperation with firms in the field.

Board 2021:

  • Miska Ristikartano – chairperson
  • Linda Vallenius – vice chairperson/education policy coordinator
  • Paavo Koskiniemi – financial manager
  • Elise Aaltonen – event and communication manager
  • Jarno Nevanperä – firm and cooperation coordinator
  • Atte Ruoste – secretary

TaTeK on Facebook

Instagram: @talotekniikankilta


Tarkka is Tampere’s Construction Architect students’ club that offers its members fun recreational activities and interesting extra content to their studies. The primary purpose of Tarkka is to enhance the feeling of solidarity between the Construction Architect students and Architect students. Tarkka cooperates with other clubs, associations and

business representatives. Tarkka was founded in the autumn of 2014 when the Degree Programme in Construction Architecture was reinstated to the curriculum. All Construction Architecture students of Tampere University of Applied Sciences can join Tarkka as student members. Students from other fields of study can also be accepted as endorsement members. You can join as a student member by paying Tarkka’s membership fee at Tamko’s office.

Welcome to Tarkka!

Board 2021:

  • Santeri Hakamaa – chairperson
  • Iiris Hongisto – treasurer
  • Terhi Kemppainen – secretary
  • Melina Avelin – board member
  • Ukko Koivisto – board member
  • Ida Korsimo – board member
  • Viivi Koski – board member
  • Outi Savijärvi – board member
  • Sarianna Sillanpää – board member

Tarkka on Facebook
Tarkka’s website
Instagram: @Tarkkakerho


The purpose of Tampereen sähköopiskelijat TASO ry (freely translated as the Electrical Engineering students of Tampere) is to enhance our members knowledge of the electrical engineering trade and offer them facilities, equipment and materials to carry out their own projects. In addition, we have a spacious office in the downstairs of the electrical wing of the Kuntokatu Campus (A0-18) where we offer five-star services and equipment, such as computers, a refrigerator and a coffee maker. You can find us by following the smell of smoke and the signs that start by the elevator. When possible, TASO ry aims to organize small-scale activities for its members, such as excursions to industrial plants and visits to fairs dedicated to the electrical trade. We aim to also organize more relaxed forms of entertainment, such as sauna evenings, when there is demand.

Because TASO ry consists of students from different student year groups, we also offer assistance in matters related to electrical and electronics, studying and whatever else you may require. TASO ry’s membership fee is a paltry €5/academic year, and you can join by visiting TASO ry’s office or by emailing the board members whose contact information can be found on TASO ry’s website.

Board 2021:

  • Lari Seppälä chairperson
  • Juuse Hannula – vice chairperson
  • Enni Heinonen – treasurer
  • Lumi Vainio – secretary
  • Matti Hämelahti – cooperation coordinator
  • Mika Haapanen – event coordinator
  • Joakim Jokipii – education policy coordinator
  • Markus Korpela – facilities and member coordinator
  • Juuso Torikka – webmaster

TASO ry on Facebook
TASO ry’s website

Instagram: @tasory_ig

tamko’s hobby clubs


ATIK (Alkeellisten Taitojen Insinööri Kiekkoa, freely translated as Engineer Ice Hockey of Rudimentary Skills) organizes ice hockey games on Mondays at Tampere Ice Stadium (Hakametsä). Everybody from TAMK are welcome to join, as long as you can hold onto your stick and keep yourself upright on the ice. We play with recreational rules (no checking or slapshots) and with smiles on our faces. Yet, passion for the sport is not quite enough, as you also need your own complete set of equipment to join us on ice. But of course, the most important thing is that there is enough enthusiasm, and everybody is having fun. Our goal is to offer the hockey-minded people of TAMK time on the ice and good games.

If your skates are sharp and your chin strap loose enough, drop us a message at atik(at) and we’ll see if we have an open spot for you!

Board 2020:

  • Jere Järvinen – chairperson
  • Eero Pulkkinen – vice chairperson & secretary
  • Kaarle Putti – treasurer & member coordinator

ATIK on Facebook


AÅ-Klubben promotes and upholds the traditions of student life and culture and brings students from various backgrounds and cultures together. AÅ-Klubben strives to maintain the old and create new food, beverage, and sports events. 

Board 2020:

  • Viljami Sinisalo – chairperson
  • Jenni Lehto – vice chairperson
  • Henna Kuikka – secretary / well-being director
  • Jouni Parkki – information director
  • Janette Kyllönen – financial director
  • Kim Lilfors – translation director
  • Janne Suonpää – recreation director
  • Valtteri Hautamäki – event director

AÅ-Klubben on Facebook
Instagram: @aoklubben


Bubiklubi maintains and improves students’ knowledge of the city and sub-region by cultural events and supports social relations between students during the academic year by means of collaboration. Bubiklubi organizes visits to restaurants and pubs in Tampere Region.

Hallitus 2021:

  • Ilari Savikko – chairperson
  • Juho Ahvenniemi
  • Ossi Aikio
  • Jack Davies
  • Eelis Nyrhilä
  • Alvari Einola
  • Severi Kettula
  • Valtteri Kivelä
  • Waltteri Kolkka
  • Edgaras Steponavicius
  • Janne Suonpää
  • Heta Ylä-Nojonen

Bubiklubi on Facebook
Bubiklubi’s website
Instagram: @Bubiklubi


Club International Tampere (CLINT) is a sub-organization of Tamko (Student Union of Tampere University of Applied Scienses).

The main mission of CLINT is to enhance the co-operation between Finnish students and exchange students who come to study in Tampere University of Applied Scienses, and that way facilitate their adaptation to Finnish culture. CLINT is operated by its board members and many active international tutors.

Our main activities include maintaining and supervising the Survival Kits as well as organizing various events for the exchange students. CLINT also takes part in training the new international tutors.

Hallitus / Board 2020 (Autumn):

  • Elina Bak – President
  • Tuomas Hård – Vice President
  • Tatu Hukka – Event Coordinator
  • Antti Kärkölä – Event Manager
  • Pinja Hämäläinen – Communication Manager
  • Tanja Hämäläinen – Event Coordinator
  • Juho Vierimaa – Officer

CLINT on Facebook
CLINT’s website –

Instagram: @tamkclint

Kolpakko – Kaupin olut- ja panokerho

Kaupin olut- ja panokerho KOLPAKKO (freely translated as Kauppi Beer and Brewing Club) promotes the homebrewing hobby of TAMK’s students. KOLPAKKO improves its members know-how in tasting specialty beers and homebrewing. The members can rent equipment from the club for their homebrewing activities.

Board 2021:

  • Jonna Seppälä – chairperson
  • Jesse Niro – vice chairperson
  • Joonas Torvinen – secretary
  • Janne Andersson – cooperation coordinator
  • Valtteri Hautamäki – graphic design coordinator
  • Juuse Hannula – entertainment coordinator
  • Miia Lehtonen – treasurer
  • Aseri Niemelä – excursion coordinator
  • Salli Sarvela – social media coordinator
  • Hilla Toivanen – event coordinator

Kolpakko on Facebookissa

Instagram: @kolpakko_tre

Tamkon Letut

The chosen sport of Tamkon Letut is ultimate, a team sport played with a frisbee. We spun into action in the spring of 2007 when we organized a 30-person beginner’s course. After the course, we have actively participated in tournaments of different levels. Currently we aim to practice once a week and participate in beginner-friendly tournaments. The next beginner’s course is organized in the spring of 2019. Good team spirit is, and has always been, the trademark of Tamkon Letut :). If you find yourself jamming “All By Myself” too much at home, try joining us.

Board 2018 – 2019:

  • Santeri Harmaala – chairperson
  • Matti Lähteenmäki – vice chairperson
  • Julius Lanu – secretary

letut(at) / tamkonletut(at)
Tamkon Letut on Facebook

Tampere Formula Student ry

The Formula Student SAE/Formula Student competition is international racing series in which students compete with their self-made small formula -style racing cars. Students from over 100 educational institutions conceive, design, produce and compete with approved Formula Student -class racing vehicle annually in events arranged all over the world. During recent years Formula Student has been in a strong buoyant force and especially in Europe awareness of the series has escalated among upcoming engineers, motor sport fans and also companies from all over the globe.  Therefore the events offer excellent and substantial network for making international contacts.

The competitions are divided into two main sections, static events and dynamic events. Design of the car, marketability and cost analysis are evaluated in the static events. Performance, durability and fuel economy are evaluated in the dynamic events.

The purpose for the competition is to develop future engineering skills in designing, manufacturing and also in project management and financial sectors as well. Tampere Formula Student engineering team consist of students from Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Finland. Our association was established in 2006 and our mission is to design and build a new racing car annually in order to stay in the top class of the series. Currently the development of our new upcoming racing car is in progress.

Board 2020:

  • Petra Jaatinen – chairperson
  • Juuso Puranen – vice chairperson
  • Kristiina Rantanen – treasurer
  • Riku Kokko – secretary
  • Jussi Mononen – board member
  • Petri Lähteenmäki – board member

Tampere Formula Student ry on Facebook
Tampere Formula Student ry’s website
Instagram: @tampereformulastuden


TAWIS (Tampereen akateeminen whiskyseura, freely translated as the Academic Whisky Society of Tampere) is a club for all friends of whisky. If you are a passionate whisky taster or it intrigues you, TAWIS is the way to go. TAWIS organizes whisky-related events to its members, for example, visits to distilleries and monthly tasting events.

For more information about the club and how to join: tawis(at)

Board 2019:

  • Santeri Halminen – chairperson
  • Erik Suhonen – vice chairperson
  • Lassi Myllynen – secretary
  • Casper Kivimäki – treasure
  • Jukka Koskinen – board member
  • Santeri Koto – board member
  • Reima Itkonen – board member
  • Visa Kangosjärvi – board member
  • Ilari Savikko – board member

TAWIS on Facebook

Teatteri Ääriraja

Teatteri Ääriraja is a theater group founded in the autumn of 2014. The purpose of the group is to have fun in a theater setting and to have a play ready by the end of each academic year. In addition to theater activities, we aim to do fun things together off the setting and meet new people. If you are interested in joining us, send us an email to teatterikerho(at) or contact us on Facebook.

Board 2020:

  • Anna Löövi – chairperson
  • Matias Korhonen – vice chairperson
  • Wilhelmiina Linjama – secretary and treasurer

Teatteri Ääriraja on Facebook
Instagram: @aariraja

TES – Tampereen korkeakoulujen epätoivoiset sinkut

Have you ever thought how annoying it is to be at a bar when you are the only single person of the group? Would you like to spend more time with other singles and single-minded people?

Tes (Tampereen korkeakoulujen epätoivoiset sinkut, freely translated as the Desperate Singles of Tampere Universities) is a club for singles and single-minded people that organizes activities from trips to the forest to speed dating and from sauna evenings to pre-parties. The long-standing objectives of the club are increasing the sociability and community spirit between the universities and preventing social exclusion and loneliness. In Tes, you can be what you want, as long as you are single or single-minded. Come join us, meet new people and enjoy singlehood with a tinge of humor! You can join at Tamko’s office for the whopping fee of 69 cents. You can reach us by DM on Instagram and by email.

Board 2019:

  • Iina Hänninen – chairperson
  • Asseri Väisänen – vice chairperson and gamekeeper
  • Tiitus Karinen – secretary
  • Janette Kyllönen – fling coordinator
  • Janna Setälä – Tinder bioanalyst and peer support
  • Heli Petersohn – financial coordinator
  • Henna Kuikka – dating coordinator

TES on Facebook

Instagram: @testampere

Tolu ry

Tampereen orastavat lihakset urheiluseura ry (or Tolu ry, freely translated as Tampere’s Burgeoning Muscles Sports Club) is a student sports club that works closely together with Tamko. We participate in organizing various events and activities and in increasing knowledge about the delights and necessity of sports.

Board 2020:

  • Titta-Maija Tallqvist – chairperson
  • Valtteri Nuolioja
  • Arttu Santamäki
  • Kaarle kalliojärvi
  • Kari Uusitalo
  • Janina Mattila
  • Noora Innanen
  • Veera Rintala
  • Jouni Sahi
  • Pinja Ylijoki

Tolu on Facebook
Tolu’s website

Instagram: @urheiluseuratolu

VaHa Kabinetti

Alumni of the Students’ Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences – VaHa Kabinetti VaHa Kabinetti was founded in November 2014.


Community Clubs

Kuisti ry

Kuisti ry (freely translated as Porch ry) is an association founded in 2020. Our purpose is to prevent the social exclusion of students and to offer a safe space for meeting other students. The main project of the association is to build a mobile porch by which we would facilitate student events and grill sausages both with meat and without.

Kuisti ry aims to improve students’ knowledge of porches and terraces, and we also annually hand out the Kuisti of the Year award.

Board 2021

  • Mikko Wrightson – chairperson
  • Tomi Minkkinen – vice chairperson
  • Hilja Aliranta – secretary
  • Rikuville Uusitalo – treasurer
  • Leevi Immonen – project manager
  • Janne Vanhanen – IT support
  • Aaro Toivonen – SK
  • Aurora Kaakkolammi – external relations coordinator
  • Juuso Rautio – wiener machine
  • Otto Arkko – work person

Instagram: @kuistiry

Nääspeksi ry

NääsPeksi ry, an interactive musical plays association, is a public benefit purpose association founded in 2011 whose purpose is to produce and support the theater hobby of the universities students of Tampere. However, the activities of NääsPeksi have continued with the same objective since 1999, and it is currently one of the largest amateur theaters of Finland. We have hundreds of volunteers with various tasks from Tampere Universities each year. Of those, Tampere University of Technology is most prominent, as NääsPeksi has operated within its student union since its beginning.

Hallitus 2021:

  • Katja Kujala – chairperson
  • Emma Brown – event coordinator, vice chairperson
  • Miikka Saraniemi – secretary, external relations coordinator
  • Lauri Kuusisto – club room coordinator
  • Tuomas Pihlava – treasurer
  • Lauri Pitkäjärvi – NääsPaja coordinator
  • Jaakko Rinta-Filppula – IT coordinator
  • Kiti Suupohja – communication

Nääspeksi website

Nääspeksi on Facebook
Instagram: @naaspeksi

PAH ry – Puhallinorkesteri Akateeminen Henkäys

Puhallinorkesteri Akateeminen Henkäys, or more familiarly PAH (freely translated as Academic Breeze Wind Orchestra), is a student wind orchestra founded in 2019. The orchestra was founded because of the need to have an active, good-quality wind orchestra for the students of Tampere. The objective of the orchestra is to offer the members of Tampere Universities community a good-quality, goal-oriented musical hobby activities. Our diverse repertoire consists of both classics and contemporary music, from marches to film scores. PAH’s artistic director is Asseri Väisänen

Hallitus 2020:

  • Anni Eerikäinen – chairperson
  • Kaisa Koro – vice chairperson and social media coordinator
  • Mikael Lehtinen – secretary and member coordinator
  • Jami Särkinen – treasurer, sheet music coordinator and member coordinator
  • Ruska Sillander – marketing coordinator
  • Hilda Perander – member coordinator
Puhallinorkesteri Akateeminen Henkäys on Facebook

Instagram: @pahpuhku


Tampereen akateemisesti sivistyneet Gambinan ystävät ry (TAkSiGaYs, freely translated as Tampere Academic Gambina Appreciation Society) operates in Tampere to bring students and the student-minded together in an interdisciplinary, national and international manner. The society organizes annually all kinds of events that also have alcohol-free options despite our name. If you have ever heard about the Gambina meetings, or you know what the interdisciplinary Gambina group is, you are an already familiar face for our activities. For more information:

Board 2020:

  • Miska Rantala – chairperson
  • Petra Viitanen – vice chairperson
  • Riina Harjuniemi – secretary
  • Tuomas Himmanen – treasurer
  • Esko Nieminen – board member
  • Jesse Sydänmäki – board member
  • Sami Perkiö – board member
  • Tuomas Hakala – board member

Actors 2020:

  • Niko Ruotsalainen
  • Olli Ruotsalainen
  • Arttu Timonen
  • Rudolf Salminen
  • Jani Patrakka
  • Henri Kiiski
  • Salla-Mari Palokari
  • Jere Lilja
  • Paula Saarinen

Board’s and actor’s email:
TAkSiGaYs website
TAkSiGaYs on Facebook

Instagram: @kampiviina