Tursaspassi passport

Tursaspassi passport is your lifesaver when diving into the deep end of the student life as first year student. It includes the best bits of student life selected by the Students’ Union and our partners. Your mission is to collect stamps from various events and checkpoint places. Return your Tursaspassi passport to Tamko’s office Solu no later than 30th April 2022!

See the descriptions of Tursaspassi 2022-2023 -passport tasks here:

The Tursaspassi passport prizes 2021 – 2022

  1. The Mighty Tursas: Kesko’s gift card (200€), Massage gift card (100€), Electronics shop gift card (100€), Campusravita restaurant gift card (80€), A prize provided by our co-operation partner NoHo, Passport to PISTOT (20€)
  2. The Chief Tursas: Kesko’s gift car (150€), Lippu.fi gift card (100€), Campusravita restaurant giftcard (60€), A prize provided by our co-operation partner NoHo, Passport to PISTOT (20€)
  3. The Active Tursas (at least 15 stamps, 5 of which have to be events): Overalls patch, Ticket to Alkumetri for the first 100 who have returned their Tursaspassi passport
  4. Raffled among all those who have collected at least 15 stamps and returned their Tursaspassi on time: Ultimate Ears Boom 3 or similar (~150€), Campusravita restaurant gift card (30€), A prize provided by our co-operation partner NoHo, + 3 x 20€ Campusravita gift cards for all of who have returned their Tursaspassipassport on time


  1. Keep good care of your passport and your friends!
  2. Follow the rules of event organizers as well as good manners and Finnish law.
  3. If you lose your passport, you can get a new one from Tamko’s office. Unfortunately, old stamps cannot be recovered.
  4. If you find a lost passport, bring it to Solu.
  5. Passport is personal. Collect all the stamps yourself.
  6. Finetune the passport as you like.
  7. Disobeying the rules means disqualification and great amount of shame.
  8. If rule breaking happens on behalf of event organizers or other partners, all stamps of the concerning event will not count.
  9. Passport must be returned to Tamko’s office’s desk or Tursaspassi box before 30th of April 2022.
  10. Three of the best Tursas will be rewarded like it says on Tursaspassi. According to those three prices one extra price will be raffled among all returned passports that have at least 15 stamps which of 5 are stamps from events.
  11. If you have at least 15 stamps (5 of which are events), you are awarded the title and the overall badge of Active Tursas.
  12. In event of a draw, first and second prices will be raffled among the concerning passports.
  13. Best Tursas and the winner of the raffle will be contacted personally. Tamko informs more about the handing out the Active Tursas -badges.

returning the tursaspassi passport 2022-2023

You can return your Tursaspassi passport at Tursaspassi passport returning event on April 2023, more details on the event during Spring!

If you want to return your tursaspassi passport some other time, please contact us through email tursaspassi(a)tamko.fi. Please return your Tursaspassi passport to Tamko no later than 30th April 2023!

Tursaspassi 2021-2022 winners

  • The Mighty Tursas: Kati Tuomisto
  • The Chief Tursas: Essi Anttila
  • Raffle winner: Eli Törmä