Frequently asked questions

Can I order a student card before my studies start?

You should order a student card right as you accept your place to study. This way you’ll make sure to get the card right when you start your studies. Order your student card here.

I would like to get a student discount on train ride, but my card hasn’t arrived yet. What do I do?

If the semester is already on its way and you are studying, you can download Tuudo -mobile student card. With mobile student card you’ll get all the benefits that the physical card has, so it also works on train.

What is Tuudo? 

Tamko is a cooperation partner with Tuudo, which provides the mobile student card for the members of our Student Union. 

With Tuudo mobile student card you get the same benefits that you get with your plastic student card. You can also find student discounts in Tampere area, your timetables, study credits, reservations for classrooms and other TAMK’s spaces, cafeteria’s menu and course enrolments from Tuudo, quite handy!

How can I start using Tuudo? 

  1. Become a Tamko’s member.
  2. Download the Tuudo app.
  3. Open the application, choose Tampere University of Applied Sciences from the list of educational institutes and log in with your personal TUNI-account. Logging in is no longer necessary after this, but Tuudo remembers the user’s login until the user logs out of the application. Tuudo automatically recognizes the user’s right to a student card.
  4. Student card can be sound from left side page menu, under the wallet- icon. Download a recognisable picture for the student card. (Please note, that you can add a picture only once.)

    And then you are all set and ready to go!

I’ve done Tamko’s membership form, but Tuudo isn’t working?

Few possible answers for the situation:

  • We must accept your membership. We’ll accept memberships during our office hours, so weekend’s membership requests are accepted on Monday. You won’t be notified of the acceptance.
  • Did you pay the membership fee, when you applied? Tamko’s membership fee must be paid, so Tuudo will recognize you as our member.
  • You must be a present student. Tuudo checks your presence from TAMK’s systems.
  • Did you fill all parts of our membership form? The problem might be e.g. a missing phone number.

In the event of technical problems, the user can always contact Tuudo’s customer service at or directly through the Contact section of Tuudo’s side menu.

I’ve done the membership application form, but I didn’t get an email confirmation about it. Has my application arrived? 

Unfortunately, our current membership register can’t send confirmation emails. When you’ve completed the membership form and clicked Send-button, the page should tell you “Thank you for applying”. The only time you’ll get an email to your TUNI email address is when your card is collectable at our office.

How can I get student overalls?

Student overalls are usually ordered by your study path’s own study association. Ask more from your tutor or contact your association directly. You can find a list of associations here.

I can’t get a new academic year / term sticker from the office. What do I do? 

  • You can give your student card to someone, who can come to the office.
  • We post stickers to students living outside of Tampere. Mailing of the academic year sticker can be purchased through for 2,50€. You can purchase the mailing from this link:
  • NOTE! Make sure your membership fee is paid before purchasing the mailing.

My student card is lost or broken. How can I get a new one?

Lost student cards are brought to Janitor’s office (B-hall) and info desk (G-hall). If the card isn’t found there, you can order a new one by contacting Tamko’s office. You’ll need to pay just the commission fees for the new card.

I’ve paid for multiple years of membership, but I won’t be present during the next semester. What do I do?

Please notify us of your absence well in advance. That way you won’t spend the pre-paid semesters, since we can move your membership payments to later semesters. Notice, that TAMK’s info of your absence won’t reach us, since we are two different organizations.

I graduated from TAMK. Can I get a student card sticker and get the benefits?

The sticker can’t be claimed after graduating. When you order the student card, the student agrees to its terms and conditions. Student card cannot be used after they don’t apply anymore. If you have unused membership semesters, contact us so we can pay the leftovers back to you. Notice, that we can’t return membership fees after the semester has started.

I have a job; can I order your student card?

You can get our student card, if you are a degree student in TAMK (bachelor’s or master’s degree).

I study in professional teacher education or open university of Applied Sciences (in TAMK). Can I get a student card?

You are applicable for Tamko’s member card. With the card you’ll get all the benefits of Opiskelijan Tampere (Student’s Tampere) as well as all Tamko’s member benefits. Note, that Tamko’s member card’s owners are not applicable for national student benefits, like Kela’s meal subsidy or VR’s discounts. National student discounts are only included in University of Appied Sciences student card.

I have a student card from another student union / student association, can I get a student sticker from Tamko to that student card?  

If you change your place where you are studying between two universities of applied sciences or you change from an university to a university of applied sciences, then you must change your student card and renew your membership to your new student’s union. The student card has to always be equivalent to the university where you are studying at the moment. 

I have paid my membership for a longer period of time than my student card sticker says? 

We have two kinds of student card stickers, one of which shows the validity for the whole semester and another one which shows it for the fall semester. Student card stickers are changed every year, so that we can be sure that students have valid stickers on their student card. 

My name has changed. How can I get a new student card? 

Please, contact Tamko member services office(at)