Student associations

A student association is an association that operates alongside with the Students’ Union, and its purpose is to bring students from the same subject or field of study together, promote their interests and organize various activities. On this page you will find a complete list and descriptions of all the student associations operating within TAMK. So, begin exploring and find a student association that suits you!

MusTa ry – Music students of Tampere
PIRATE ry – Health care students of Tampere
SOPU ry – Social Services students of Tampere
TAMPIO ry – Forestry students of Tampere
TARINA ry – Media and Arts students of Tampere
TARE ry – Hospitality Management students of Tampere
TIRO ry – Engineering students of Tampere
TTO ry – Business Administration students of Tampere

Are you a student association’s board member and noticed that information on this page is incorrect or about to change? You can update your information here. (in Finnish)


MusTa ry is the student association of all the music students of Tampere. MusTa consist of students from both Tampere University of Applied Sciences and Tampere Conservatoire. MusTa promotes music students’ well-being by organizing parties and providing earplugs, among other things. In addition, we offer our members tickets to the concerts of the Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra.

Board 2020 – 2021: 

  • Sami Perkiö – chairperson
  • Ilona Melgin – vice chairperson 
  • Fanni Palmanto – treasurer and membership register coordinato
  • Mea Tikkanen – upper secondary coordinator
  • Anna-Maija Pirttimäki – education policy and social policy coordinator (KOPO / SOPO)
  • Kalevi Reentie – publicist
  • Venla Peurala – SOOL contact person and secretary
  • Kalle Tarikka – event coordinator

MusTa on Facebook
Instagram: @musta_ry


PIRATE ry is the Student Association of The Health Care Students of Tampere University of Applied Sciences. It’s purpose is to promote its members general and common benefits and encourage hobbies of intellectual, professional, societal and physical nature.

PIRATE’s office is located at the same premises as Tamko’s office (Kuntokatu 3, L-building). Students can visit the office during it’s opening hours to ask advice relating to their studies, come pick up pre-ordered items, purchase patches for their overalls or just come to talk about what is on their mind, and much more.

We organize various events for our members throughout the academic year for example, Kontaminaatio for new students, our most popular event Pakoputki and sittnings. We also actively cooperate with student union Tamko and other student organizations and clubs within the University of Applied Sciences in addition to our other partners like Tehy and Sairaanhoitajaliitto. Through PIRATE members can for example order overalls, working clothes and name tags for future practical training periods.

Board 2021: 

  • Iina Hänninen chairperson
  • Janna Setälä – vice chairperson
  • Rosa Henttonen – culture and leisure activities
  • Mona Ristikartano – marketing and communication
  • Jukka Hulkko – entertainment coordinator
  • Suvi Välilehto – pistot
  • Jussi Oiva – education policy coordinator
  • Katariina Tuomisto – financial coordinator
  • Kalle Sävilammi – secretary
  • Pinja Kauranen – tutoring and mentoring
  • Teija Vähäkuopus – external relations
  • Freija Häärä – member services
  • Kaarle Kalliojärvi – member services

PIRATE’s website
PIRATE on Facebook
Instagram: @pirate.ry 


SOPU ry is TAMK’s Social Services students’ association. The association actively takes a stand on matters related to studying and students. SOPU also organizes entertainment in the form of events to its members and other students and maintains and establishes contact with other student organizations. In addition, SOPU ry sends its members a weekly newsletter that contains information about future events and other matters concerning students. SOPU ry is also responsible for acquiring student overalls to its members.

Come talk to us about your studies or anything else when we are on duty. You can also purchase tickets to events organized by SOPU ry from us. You can find us on duty at Kuntokatu 3, hallway H0 at regular intervals. The easiest way to find out when we are on duty is through SOPU ry’s Facebook and weekly newsletter.

Board 2021: 

  • Amanda Heiskanen – chairperson
  • Jenna Ikäheimo – vice chairperson
  • Maria Valtonen – publicist and secretary
  • Henna Rastas – treasurer
  • Susan Lindqvist – entertainment coordinator
  • Eli Törmä – external relations coordinator
  • Viivi Tuovinen – culture coordinator
  • Aisha Prévost – publicist and international affairs coordinator
  • Armi-Tuulia Taivainen – education policy coordinator
  • Iiro Kallinen – tutoring coordinator

SOPU’s website
SOPU on Facebook
Instagram: @sopury


TAMPIO is TAMK’s Forestry students’ association that was founded in 2012. We promote the interests of Forestry students and make Forestry visible in TAMK.

Board 2021: 

  • Eveliina Katajisto – chairperson
  • Roope Korpiniitty – vice chairperson and entertainment coordinator
  • Taika Selkee – secretary and communication coordinator
  • Akseli Myllymaa – treasurer
  • Iina Luhtalahti – social policy coordinator
  • Reetu Moilanen – education policy coordinator
  • Aaro Lähteenmäki – tutoring and sports coordinator
  • Jesse Juvonen – working life coordinator
  • Konsta Karhu – deputy member
  • Kati Hautala – deputy member

Tampio on Facebook

Instagram: @tampio_ry


TARINA is an association attending to art and media students’ interests. It is TARINA’s role to help and support students and maintain connections between the students and the school’s staff. TARINA is also organizing traditional but also fresh and new parties and events around the year! In short, TARINA’s aim is to help the students, embrace the spirit among them aaand organize amazing events!

Board 2021: 

  • Erkki Busnov – chairperson
  • Noora Nenonen – vice-chairperson
  • Matias Korhonen – secretary
  • Tuuli Lounela – treasurer
  • Pinja Eskola – educational affairs
  • Janina Hietamäki – social affairs
  • Kaisa Andersson – graphic artist
  • Janna Järvinen – member of the events team
  • Erika Karsikas – member of the events team
  • Henry “Könö” Knuuttila – member of the events team
  • Jenna Palmu – member of the welfare team
  • Emmi Kaartti – responsible for co-operation and tutoring
  • Iita Kymi – responsible for social media
  • Riikka Peitsara – responsible for social media

Board members’ email addresses: firstname.lastname(at) (unless there is someone with the same name
Tarina on Facebook
IG: @tarina_ry


TARE is TAMK’s Hospitality Management students’ association that was founded as a club in 2011. As our operations grew, a registered association was founded in 2014, and it adopted the club’s operations. The student association is open for all Hospitality Management students of Tampere. You can join through at

The purpose of the student association is to ensure that students enjoy their time while studying and create new contacts. In addition to organizing leisure activities, the student association also does education advocacy work and cooperation with the field’s employers. The Board’s duty is to intervene in problems and to create a better study environment.

If you have something on your mind, come to see us, message us on our social media or contact us by email:

Board 2021: 

  • Eeli Asiala – chairperson
  • Tuomas Heinonen – vice chairperson
  • Veera Laaksonen – secretary
  • Milla Halonen – event coordinator
  • Ida Järvi – coordination coordinator
  • Hanna Rantasalo – social media and overalls coordinator
  • Ella Koivunen – educational and social affairs and member coordinator
  • Miisa Mattsson – treasurer
  • Jami Airikka – tutoring and overalls coordinator

TARE on Facebook
IG: @tare_ry


TIRO ry is a local association of the Akava-affiliated Union of Engineering Students, and its purpose is to promote the professional, intellectual, societal, and other interests of Engineering students. TIRO ry was founded in 1982 and has approximately 2000 members.

To realize its purpose, TIRO ry organizes trainings and leisure activity events and actively takes a stand on matters related to Engineering education. You can join TIRO ry by joining the Union of Engineering Students. The membership fee is €30, and it covers the whole time you are studying (up to 5 years).

Board 2021: 

  • Juho Ahvenniemi – chairperson
  • Kerttu Leutola – treasurer
  • Kia Kauppinen – educational and social affairs
  • Santeri Moilanen – educational and social affairs
  • Pietu Mäenpää – secretary
  • Asseri Niemelä – firm coordinator
  • Sakari Tasanen – pistot
  • Aarne Kankeri – member and contact person coordinator
  • Henna Mäkinen – culture and leisure activities
  • Mikko Wrightson – communication
  • Jenni Lehto – events
  • Tommi Eskola – entertainment coordinator

TIRO’s website
TIRO on Facebook
Instagram: @tirory


TTO ry is a registered association that consists of and is maintained by students in its entirety. It is primarily the student association of TAMK’s Business Administration students. We advise on how to deal with the tricky matters related to the ever-changing financial aid for students and livelihood, promote students’ interests through our representatives into TAMK’s administration and the Students’ Union and offer entertainment for the students.

We participate actively and nationwide in the activities of the Students of Business and Technology union as its member association, and through this work we are able to work more effectively as a local advocate of Business Administration students. As a member association, we organize various activities in Tampere for Business Administration students and participate in the nationwide training sessions and events organized by the Students of Business and Technology union.

TTO’s office is located in the L-building at Kuntokatu, at the same premises as Tamko and TIRO. You can come visit our office if you need advice on matters concerning your studies or leisure activities, or just to have a cup of coffee with us and see some friends!

Board 2021:

  • Waltteri Kolkka chairperson
  • Claudia Kinnarinen – vice chairperson
  • Ollimatti Aikio – education policy coordinator
  • Jack Davies – external relations coordinator
  • Olli Hämäläinen – entertainment coordinator
  • Rosafiia Kananoja – secretary
  • Pauli Matilainen – tutoring and member coordinator
  • Elise Nieminen – financial secretary
  • Ville Paananen – PISTOT coordinator
  • Joona Paano – webmaster
  • Anton Pohjonen – firm and cooperation coordinator
  • Johanna Rita – culture and leisure activities coordinator
  • Jasmiina Ronkainen – media coordinator

TTO’s website
TTO on Facebook
Instagram: @tto_ry