There are several student associations, student clubs and various hobby and sports clubs that operate alongside with the Students’ Union in Tampere University of Applied Sciences. They assist Tamko in ensuring that your time studying in TAMK is as eventful and unforgettable as possible.

For more information: Stakeholder coordination of the Board


Clubs, student associations and other registered student organizations may apply for the status of a sub-association under Tamko, and Tamko offers assistance in forming and running them. In addition to operational grants, Tamko offers its clubs communicational support, email addresses and mailing lists, online data storage, financial administration and training and counseling.

The application for the status of a sub-association is done by a written application. A majority of the full members, and at least three of them, must be members of the Students’ Union. The Board of the Students’ Union decides if a sub-association is accepted into the Students’ Union’s association register.

A sub-association applying for an operational grant is generally required to also raise funds independently. A sub-association may be granted an operational grant of up to €400 per year. By applying for operational grant, the sub-association undertakes to comply with Tamko’s Code of Conduct in its operations.

The Board of the Students’ Union decides on the operational grants within the limits of the budget. A grant can be applied for general operations or a specific purpose. A sub-association must keep an up-to-date list of all its members, and its rules and amendments to them must be approved by the Board of the Students’ Union.

Are you a student association’s or club’s Board member and your organization’s information is about to change? You can update your information to Tamko here.


A single trip, publication, event, and so on by a narrowly defined group, such as a single student year group, is recommended to be realized as a project instead of founding a club. A group or class, of which the majority are members of the Students’ Union, may realize a project under the supervision of the Students’ Union if following requirements, among other things, are met:

  • The realization and objective of the project has been discussed beforehand with the Chairperson of Tamko’s Board and/or the Executive Director.
  • The project has a clear objective and a finish date.
  • The project has a contact person.
  • The project has a project plan, a budget and a letter of commitment.

A joint and several liability for possible post-project damage to the Students’ Union is defined in the letter of commitment that all project participants must sign. Section 6 (Projects) of Tamko’s Sub-Association Standing Order applies to projects.