International tutoring

International tutors are making sure that new exchange students of TAMK are integrating to TAMK, Tampere and Finland. International tutoring is a great way to get new international friends and to create networks around the world! You don’t have to worry about your english skills as those are improving automatically through tutoring. You’ll also get an extra point from tutoring if you’re leaving for an exchange yourself, after you finished International tutoring. You can become an international tutor even if you’ve tutored before (for example as a peer tutor), there’s no limit.

Tamko organize trainings for all the new tutors in TAMK and supports them along the way. In addition to participating in the trainings and tutoring, tutors will also need to fill up final report in order to get 2 study credits.

Enrollment for International tutoring is open every autumn and spring. Please keep an eye on our messages.

Further information from: Tamko’s Board member in charge of international affairs and the Expert on Tutoring