Culture and Leisure Activities


The central areas of international activities in the Students’ Union Tamko are international tutoring and representing the international point of view in supervising students’ interests. Students’ Union also works to help foreign students to adapt to Finland and to advance domestic internationalization of Finnish students.

Tamko trains international tutors, who tutor exchange students incoming to Tampere University of Applied sciences, and degree tutors, who tutor foreign students of degree programs in English in co-operation with peer tutors. Tutors aim to help students in a foreign environment in TAMK and Tampere. International tutoring is an excellent way to improve one’s language proficiency and to meet new friends around the globe. International tutor is often the first connection exchange student has with Finland.

CLINT (Club International Tampere)

Club International Tampere (CLINT) is a club within the Students’ Union which organizes a variety of events, trips and other activities to help foreign students with their adaptation to Finnish culture with other internationally-minded Finnish students.

Survival Kit

Students’ Union Tamko and Club International Tampere (CLINT) rent Survival Kits, which contain basic items such as kitchen utensils and bed linen into a student flat for exchange period. The kit is supposed to assist foreign students in TAMK to settle in Tampere.

Coffee mug (2), drinking mug (2), bread plate (2), dinner plate (2), soup plate (2), fork (2), knife (2), spoon (2), teaspoon (2), bread knife, cutting board, spatula, ladle, frying pan, kettle, kettle lid, plastic bowl, potholder (2), kitchen towel, bed sheet, blanket, blanket cover, pillow, pillow case and storage box.

Please do NOT return bed sheet, blanket, blanket cover, pillow or pillow case. They are your personal property.


The price of Survival kit is 80,00 € for members and others.

This Survival kit it is ONLY for Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) exchange students. If you study in Tampere University then this kit is not for you.

The price for the kit:

Tamko’s members: 25€ + 55€ refundable deposit fee = 80€
Non member: 30€ + 50€ refundable deposit fee = 80€

The deposit will be refunded after returning the whole Survival Kit unbroken and clean back to the Student’s Union office. If something is missing, broken or dirty when returning the Survival Kit, the deposit will not be refunded.

You can make Survival kit reservation (rent) from this link.
If you are staying longer, you will be charged 20€ (members) /25€ (others) for the additional semester(s).

Each One Teach One

Would you like to get to know students coming from different countries, meet with them in casual settings, learn their languages and culture and/or teach them your own, and get credits for doing that? If you became interested, Each One Teach One is exactly for you.

Further information from Intra and International affairs

Tamko’s Events

Tamko is involved in different kind of events, both as an organizer and as a partner. The most important thing is, however, to organize as versatile culture and leisure activities as possible. Tamko tries to take everyone into consideration to guarantee that majority of students could attend the events.

Tamko’s annual events are the initiation rite “Tursajaiset” in the Autumn for new TAMK students and around the same time the Alkumetri -party kicks off the academic year.

Pikkujoulu, also known as “Little Christmas Party”, is held before the Christmas. Loppumetri -party celebrates the end of the academic year. Along the year Tamko also helps arranging a variety of other events, e.g. fields of culture, sports and student welfare.

You can purchase tickets for the most events at Tamko office, where you can also just hang out and for example have a cup of coffee.

Culture activities by Opiskelijan Tampere (Students’ Tampere)



Tamkos own sport association is Tolu which organizes sport activities in TAMK. These activities includes weekly sports, different kinds of sport introductions and bigger sport events. The goal is to get students moving.

Tolu on Facebook 

There are also several other sport clubs operating in the Students’ Union Tamko. Members of the Students’ Union can also start up their own sports clubs and get support from the Students’ Union.

More information: Wellbeing contact

SportUni – Joint sports services of the Tampere Universities

With the SportUni fee of your own university you are entitled to use the sports services in all campuses at TAMK and TAU. The sports opportunities include the gyms, group exercise classes, courses and ball games. Additionally individual sports services are offered.

The SportUni fee is paid according to the practices of both universities. The fee can be paid separately for each semester or for the entire year. The sports fee is paid at the university where you are studying. After the payment you can use the services at your own campus, and after having requested the access rights you can use the services also at the two other campuses. TAMK students pay the fee at Tamko’s office.

The access rights to the other universities must be requested personally from the university in question. Please, have the payment receipt, ID and your student card with you. The access card must be scanned by the reader each time you visit the sports facilities.

Learn more from SportUni’s website

Sports Equipment

You can borrow different kinds of sports equipment from Solu free of charge. Check the list of examples from below!

Tamko is a member of Hämeen Liikunta ja Urheilu sports association. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding to sports, feel free to contact Tamko’s Sports Services.

Tamko has a variety of sports equipment that you can borrow for free. Tamko members can borrow our sports equipment from Tamko office when open. The equipment must be returned as soon as possible, until then the renter is in responsible.

We’ve for example:

  • Table tennis rackets and balls
  • Tennis rackets and balls
  • Badminton rackets and shuttlecocks
  • Basketballs
  • Volleyballs
  • Footballs
  • Futsal balls
  • Golf balls
  • American football
  • Rugby ball
  • Floorball sticks and balls
  • Floorball goalie equipment
  • Frisbee / Ultimate discs
  • Kick Pads
  • Jump rope
  • Darts (regular and darts)
  • Pesäpallo (Finnish baseball) bats, balls and gloves
  • Skates
  • Mölkky

Wishes and hopes on new/additional sports equipment can be sent to