Become a member

You get many benefits when you become member of student union, but the most visible one is the student card. Tamko offers student card for its members. Student card key to thousands of student benefits all over Finland! In addition, you benefit from the student union’s own events and services. After joining Tamko we well order you a student card and you will also be able to use the convenient mobile student card on Tuudo-app or in Slice-app.

All students at Tampere University of Applied Sciences can become members of Tamko.
Welcome – There are already more than 6900 of us!


Tamko offers two kinds of cards (AMK student card and Tamko membership card), so please make sure that you order the right one! Once you join Tamko you will automatically get the correct card based on the information you give us.


With AMK student card you get all national student benefits and Opiskelijan Tampere benefits. In addition to them you get Kela meal subsidy, VR train ticket discounts and student discounts from local and long-distance busses (Matkahuolto).

The terms of AMK student card

  1. You are studying a bachelor’s or master’s degree (ylempi ammattikorkeakoulututkinto) in TAMK (as a degree student or an exchange student)
  2. You’ve registered yourself as present for the upcoming term or academic year
  3. You become a member and pay the membership fee to Tamko


Tamko membership card includes an access to Opiskelijan Tampere benefits and Tamko membership benefits. Membercard doesn’t include national student benefits like Kela subsidy, VR train ticket discounts or student discounts from local and long-distance busses (Matkahuolto).

The terms of Tamko membership card

  1. You’re studying in vocational teacher education or in open higher education studies or are a part of education export group
  2. You become a member and pay the membership fee to Tamko

+Mobile student card

You can activate AMK student card in mobile form in Tuudo-app if you have paid Tamko’s membership fee and are registered for attendance at TAMK. You can use the mobile student card alongside your plastic student card and get all the same discounts and benefits with both cards.

Tuudo is a free app, that has been made to make students’ life a bit easier. in addition to Tamko’s mobile student card, you can find from Tuudo example your timetables, study credits, reservations for classrooms and other TAMK’s spaces, cafeteria’s menu and course enrolments. Read more about Tuudo from here.

The green Tamko membercard isn’t available on Tuudo but it is available on Slice, read more below.

Tamko members can also use a mobile student card in Slice. In Slice you can activate your AMK student card as well as the green Tamko membercard! This way all Tamko members get to enjoy thousands of benefits all around FInland. This is how you can activate Slice.

Instructions to filling out the membership application

  • You’ll need a passport type of photo of yourself in jpg form (size minimum 450×600 pixels, file size max. 1MB). The photo doesn’t need to be an official passport photo, it can also be a full-face selfie with good lighting.
  • You’ll also need information about your study place so that you can answer to the questions.
  • Payment can be made with most common credit cards and internet bank service
  • The student card will arrive to our office approx. 1 – 4 weeks after you’ve sent the application. We will send a message to your TUNI email address (TAMK student email address) when the card has arrived to our office.

NB! If the order interrupts when the online payment page (Paytrail) is already visible, your card will be ordered anyway. In this case, you can make the payment at our office (card or cash payment).

Prices for new members

  • 4,5 years 118,00€ (reference number 5500)
  • 4 years 106,00€ (ref.  4200)
  • 3,5 years 94,00€ (ref. 3900)
  • 1,5 years 58,00€ (ref. 2600)
  • 1 year 42,00€ (ref. 2600)
  • Half a year (for exchange students only) 26,00€ (ref. 2600)

Multiyear membership is the cheapest and easiest membership option for degree students. Half a year memberships are meant for exchange students.

If you can not pay the membership through the online membership application or at Tamko’s Solu, you can pay it to our bank account.

Here are the instructions for the bank payment to our account.

Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulun opiskelijakunta

  • IBAN: FI32 5730 0820 2804 65

Please remember to use the reference number!  After you have paid the membership, please send us a receipt of payment since online payments do not automatically appear in our system. You can send the receipt to a following e-mail address:  

Student card stickers

The student card has a sticker which shows that the student card is valid. There are two kind of stickers: an academic year sticker and term sticker.

You can’t get student discounts if your student card sticker has expired. When the sticker expires, we will change the new sticker to your card at Tamko’s office if your membership is valid. You can also pay for more membership when you come to change the sticker. New members will get their sticker when they fetch their card from our office for the first time.

Stickers are valid as follows:
01/2024 (term sticker) red sticker is valid 1.8.2023-31.1.2024
09/2024 (academic year) blue sticker is valid 1.8.2023-30.9.2024

MAILING OF YOUR student card

Usually new student cards are to be picked up from Tamko’s office but if you live outside of Tampere you can buy mailing to your sticker through for the price of 2,80€. We only mail cards to Finland. You can purchase the mailing for the card from this link:

While you are waiting for the student card to arrive we recommend you to use a mobile student card to get all the student discounts that you would get using the physical card. A Tamko member can use the student card found in the Tuudo mobile application.

Tamko’s membership terms and conditions

NOTE! By joining the Student Union, ordering a student card, or extending membership in the union, the student confirms that they have read and accepted terms and conditions of granting the student card and agreed to follow them. In addition, the student accepts that their personal information, contact information, right to study and member eligibility are verified from the student and study registers of Tampere University of Applied Sciences. The student agrees to their membership information being transferred from the register of Tamko to TAMK’s database and onwards to the databases of Finnish National Agency for Education such as Virta and Koski databases.