Students are an important part of the advocacy process

Tamko’s work is visible to students everywhere. On the very first day, our tutors grab a hold of our new students and direct them to group up in events organized by our sub-organisations.  

For our members, we offer hundreds of discounts through the student card, from cheaper lunches to events and training courses throughout the year. However, our main mission, and the reason for our existence, still remains hidden behind the scenes. This year marks a staggering 110 years of advocacy!  

Tamko’s promotion of interests can easily be summed up as us defending the quality of education, helping students with problems and issues related to education, health, livelihoods and housing. We partake in educational and social politics in order to further improve the life of students.  

When it comes to promotion of interests, we don’t care much about one locked door.     

Throughout Tamko’s history, we have worked together for a long time, and have built up very good relationships with our own school management and stakeholders alike. As a result, our opinions are valued and it is easy for us to contact them, even on difficult topics. Collaboration with organisations such as YTHS, Opiskelijan Tampere, TOAS and POAS make it easier for us to promote the interests of students.   

We are able to make the student voice heard in many important working groups within TAMK and other stakeholders.  Our student representatives cooperate with the City of Tampere and the Tampere Student Union (TREY), among others, in urban and electoral lobbying.  

Tamko’s values of student-centredness, equality and transparency, which are also the basis for the Code of Conduct, guide our activities and the way we advocate for a safer and more sustainable culture.  The Code of Conduct has been in the process of being implemented this year, and has been very well highlighted in, for example, tutor and sub-association training sessions. In addition, Tamko annually trains harassment contact persons to support students.  

Our focus is on the students and their interests, which we have worked tirelessly for many years. Students themselves are an important part of the advocacy process, bringing their opinions and views to our attention so that we can influence and move things forward.  Every opinion is important and we want to hear what students have to say. We like to hear students’ ideas, suggestions for improvement and successes. Don’t be afraid to contact us, Tamko is here for you, and this year we will celebrate together.

The writers are Linda Vallenius, Social affairs’ representative, and Ville Lindgren, Educational affairs’ representative.