DigiGate to worklife 31.1.-4.2.2022!

Due to the Covid-situation annual Portti Työelämään -trade show (the Gateway to working life) is cancelled. We came up with a new concept called DigiPortti/ DigiGate! Point of DigiGate is to connect organizations and their job-and trainee possibilities with students from all study fields! So now it is possible for students to find a job from their own sofa!

DigiGate is organized on 31.1.-4.2.2022 on multiple media platforms like Tamko’s Instagram and Facebook pages and on website. Event will also be on Tamko’s newsletter and TAMK’s Intra. Tamko’s student associations and clubs are also taking part in organizing DigiGate.

Participating to DigiGate is totally free and you can do it by phone, tablet or computer.
By following Tamko’s social media and websites you will know more what is happening at DigiGate in few weeks! We can’t wait!

Any questions about DigiGate?
In all things concerning the event you can contact: porttityoelamaan@gmail.com
If you haven’t received an answer to your email in 7 days, please contact us again.

You can also contact the following: