Tamko Topics is a weekly newsletter of The Students’ Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

1. Borrow winter sport equipment from Solu!
2. Reserving rooms for small studying groups
3. Opiskelijan Tampere: What student discounts would you like to have?
4. Finland Works – online recruitment event
5. From Hero to Net-Zero: Decarbonising The Cities hackaton
6. Use your vote in county elections!
7. Remember to pay student healthcare fee by the 31st of January!

1. Borrow winter sport equipment from Solu!

Put your warmest clothes on and go have fun in the snow!
Tamko’s members can borrow toboggans, coasters and ice skates free of charge. Welcome to borrow them from Solu!

2. Reserving rooms for small studying groups

Even during Corona-restrictions students of TAMK can come to study in campus by themselves or with small groups following hygiene rules such as using facemask, keeping a good hand hygiene and remembering to keep distance for others. Students can book studying facilities in advance from Tuudo-mobile app or Pakki.

Limitations to bookings:
1. bookings can be made up to 7 days in advance
2. bookings must be between 8:00 and 20:00
3. max 2 bookings per day
4. max 4 bookings per seven days
5. max 2 hours duration per booking

More information about facilities and bookings: tilavaraus@tuni.fi 
Number for janitor if the reserved room is locked: 0294 524 066

3. Opiskelijan Tampere: What student discounts would you like to have?

Opiskelijan Tampere has only ONE question for students!
Go and give your answer and maybe next time you get student discount from your fave cafe, service or shop!

Link to query: https://forms.gle/FKE6NJjPTqoqe92SA
Check out the current student discounts from Opiskelijan Tampere website!

4. Finland Works – online recruitment event

Your new job is waiting for you in the Finland Works online recruitment event!

Ever wondered what the land of a thousand lakes might have for you? Have you thought about living and working in Finland? Interested in feeling the midnight sun or experiencing the polar night? Or perhaps you’re already in Finland and looking for your next job?

During the Finland Works recruitment event, Finnish employers are eager to have contact with jobseekers both from Finland and elsewhere in Europe that are looking for new opportunities. Whether you’re an experienced professional or a recent graduate, you’ll be sure to find something interesting – either your new job, or information about living and working in Finland.
Participation in the event is free of charge.

When?: 16.2.2022 at 12.00 – 16.00 
Where?: Online via the address: Finland works | EURES – European Job Days

How do you participate in the online event?

  • You can take part anywhere. All you need is a computer or mobile device. The language used during the event is English.
  • Register to the event, create your profile, have a look at the employers and the vacancies they offer and apply online for those that you find interesting. 
  • Job opportunities increase, as the date of the event approaches, so browse through the various job options and apply as soon as possible for those matching your skills and expectations.
  • During the event, you can see presentations by the companies and participate in the online chat or discuss employment possibilities with the employers. 
  • Prepare for an online interview and respond immediately to an invitation to interview sent by the employers. Video: Guide on applying for jobs and scheduling an interview Register now and be one step closer to your dream job in Finland! 

    You could be the one the employers are looking for – come and join us!

5. From Hero to Net-Zero: Decarbonising The Cities hackaton

The registration for the hackathon “From Hero to Net-Zero: Decarbonising The Cities” is officially open! Come together. Make history. Help mitigate the worst effects of global warming with YOUR solution! 

When: 28 – 30 January 2022
Where: Åkerlundinkatu 8, Tampere, Platform6 startup house AND online on Hopin 

You can participate in our hackathon from anywhere in the world. You can join online or come to Platform6 startup house in Tampere (Finland). It is completely free and open to anyone interested. 

If you want to turn your solution into a business, you will be able to get help and support to do that – Platform6 and International House Tampere will provide you with all the necessary tips. Thus, you can keep working on your idea even after the hackathon is over. 

The winning team will also receive a monetary prize from our sponsors – Nokia and Microsoft. The prize will awarded during the Smart City Week main programme at Nokia Arena. More information and free tickets via Hopin.

6. Use your vote in county elections!

Student, vote in the county elections for better mental health services! 

The advance voting period for Finland’s first county elections is 12-18 January 2022 and the election day is 23 January 2022. By voting in the county elections, you will be able to influence who decides on your social and health care services in the Pirkanmaa welfare area for years to come.  

The survey of university students’ health (KOTT 2021), that was published in December, found that 63% of students who needed mental health services felt that they had received too few services. By voting in the county elections, you will be able to influence how students’ mental health services and care chains work in the future. For example, the selection of psychotherapy supported by Kela is decided by the persons selected in these elections.  

If you are still looking for your own candidate, check out voting aid applications! This is the easiest way to find a candidate close to your thoughts.  

Read more about the elections and remember to vote: https://vaalit.fi/en/county-elections 

7. Remember to pay student healthcare fee by the 31st of January!

Students in universities and universities of applied sciences who are entitled to use the services of the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS, Finnish abbreviation YTHS) must pay a healthcare fee to Kela. In 2022, the student healthcare fee in higher education is EUR 35.80 per term. The fee may be paid to Kela for both the spring and the autumn term.
You are not billed for the fee, but are expected to pay it unprompted. 

The due dates are determined based on the date on which you have registered as attending. There are four possible due dates in each calendar year. For the spring term, the due date is 31 January provided that you have registered as attending by then. 

More information at: https://www.kela.fi/web/en/healthcare-fee-for-students-in-higher-education