We don’t tolerate any kind of harassment in our university community

Tamko has become aware of harassment incidents in our university community this autumn. We’ve discussed about the matter together with student associations and we state together the following: 

We don’t tolerate any kind of harassment, discrimination, bullying or any other kind of insulting behaviour in Tampere University of Applied Sciences’ community. Everyone, including bystanders, has a responsibility to intervene to such behaviour when they discover it. Everyone has the right to a free, safe and equal studying environment and student life. Each and every one of us can implement change through our own actions. More about prevention and addressing of inappropriate conduct from student’s handbook: https://intra.tuni.fi/en/handbook?page=2673  

Tamko is working on ethical guidelines which, once completed, will also be available for student associations. We strive to create clear and practical guidelines for prevention of harassment, discrimination and bullying.  

If you’ve seen or experienced harassment, bullying or discrimination in our university community, please contact Tamko’s harassment contacts on a low threshold (harassment(at)tamko.fi). They provide support and advice on how to deal with a harassment situation. Harassment contacts will not proceed with further action without consent, but they will help to take it forward if you want so. They also don’t keep records of those who have contacted them and they have full confidentiality.  


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