Thank you to everyone who participated to Valentine’s day event!

Tamko, TreSilienssi and SportUni organized Valentine’s day event last Monday 14.2. Even the grey weather wasnt favouring us tehre was still many of you who came and participated! Times like this require community that sticks together, so it was great to see people come together and spend time outdoors!

Take a look what the event looked like:

We served grilled sausage and hot drinks for the participants

CLINT organized winter mölkky and you could also try sledding.

No student event without overalls and patches!

Brave people walked to Siilinkari with the snowy conditions. Luckily there was university pastor there with Papin Kulta and some chocolate!

SportUni organized frisbeegolf that participants could try

Was great to see a lot of people coming to spend time together outdoors!

Big thank you to everyone who joined the event!