Electronic degree certificate -hit or miss?

Tamk has renewed its practices regarding the awarding of diplomas. In the past, the diploma could be picked up from the campus on paper inside the purple covers, and in the future, due to the Digivisio2030 project, it is planned to switch to a fully electronic version.

Tamko, the student union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences, is in favor of students also having the opportunity to solemnly receive their diplomas in purple covers from hand to hand in the coming years. Traditionally, a student has picked up his diploma from campus, grabbed a picture in memory at Tamk’s yard, and then displayed his certificate at his graduation ceremony. We want to stick to this tradition.

The electronic certificate is not being switched over because a few funny sheets of paper a year can be saved. The aim is to improve student security, prevent forgery of certificates and make it easier to find a job. Job applications are sent electronically, and it is easy and safe to add an electronic diploma to the application. Tampere University of Applied Sciences is not alone with electrification, but more and eventually all higher education institutions in Finland are moving towards an electronic diploma.

We have received a lot of feedback from students on this issue. Now we have met the vice president of education and learning services and the head of study services. The matter has been taken forward and the school management has listened to the students. If most students still want a paper certificate this year and beyond, it is possible to continue the current practice until the end of the world.

Thank you for your active feedback, you have been heard and listened to.

As an author

Joonas Soukkio, chairperson of Tamko’s board, and Hanna Ojaniemi, deputy chairperson of Tamko’s board