Council meeting was held on the 8th of February 2022 via Teams. The meeting agenda included updates from the council’s chairpersons and board members, incentive remuneration model and decision the regular spring meeting’s date.


  • Council’s chairperson brings to information for council the board’s of meeting bulletins (17.11.2021, 3.1.2022, 19.1.2022, 3.2.2022)
  • Council’s team grouping evening 21.2.2022

Updates from the council’s chairpersons and teams

Council’s chairpersons have including attended to orientations, board meetings and evening education, taken part in the January orientation week, attended Principal’s morning coffee meeting, SAMOK Lähtölaukaus, Tamko’s board team grouping and visited the monument of Suinula.

Amusement-, culture- and sport team has planned team grouping evening for council and implement that with communication team and council’s vice-chairperson.

Updates from the board

Tamko’s board has orientated for their own sectors and their tasks, board has had meetings a couple of times a month and taken part in the January’s orientation week. The board have had one evening education where meeting policies were discussed. The board has attended on the SAMOK Lähtölaukaus. Work group meetings have been in many ways about the anniversary. The Board members have also met with different associates and planned future collaborations. The tutor choices has been made for the year 2022.

Incentive remuneration model to the Council

Council’s chairpersons have made the presentation of financial incentive remuneration model for the active council members. Council’s chairpersons follow council members activity and at the end of the year an active member will be awarded.

TOAS delegation

There is two student places in the TOAS delegation. Before in the delegation has worked Joonas Soukkio and Hanna Ojaniemi. Joonas Soukkio has seeked for resignation. Jukka Hulkko will replace Joonas Soukkio.

Save the dates!

Next council meeting will come on the week 8, the date will be announced later!

The March counsil meeting is held on the 9th of March at 6pm.

Council statutory spring meeting is held on the 5th of April at 4pm.