Become a Tamko member

Tamko is the Students’ Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences. It promotes the interests of all TAMK students and offers, in cooperation with its partners, a variety of services that support student life. As a Tamko member, you receive a lot of local and nationwide benefits. Opiskelijan Tampere negotiates the local benefits in the Tampere region, and you can find a list of the nationwide benefits in the Pivo app. In addition to the more traditional plastic student card, you can also use your Tamko student card in the Pivo app. Both cards offer the same benefits. At TAMK’s campus, the plastic student card functions as a keycard, printing card, library card and stored value card at the Campusravita restaurant’s cash desks.  

You receive the benefits by becoming a Tamko member:  

  1. Fill out the membership application to order your student card and follow the instructions.  
    • You need a photo of your face.
  1. You can pay the membership fee through the membership application.  

You can use the benefits in the Pivo app from the beginning of August once you have paid the membership fee and accepted your study place (=registered as an attending student). The student card is delivered to Tamko’s office, and you will be notified through your email address when it has arrived.  

See you at Solu!