Welcome to Tamko

First, congratulations for your study place! Tampere University of Applied Sciences is one of the most popular universities of applied sciences in Finland, and only approximately one tenth of our applicants are admitted. So, you have a good reason to be proud of yourself!  

Tamko is the Students’ Union of all of us. Our duty is to promote the interests of our students in all the stages of their studies. We ensure that tutoring functions properly, help with issues concerning educational and social affairs and organize events throughout the year, such as Tursajaiset, Tamko’s evenings and courses on working life skills.    

TAMK offers its students many opportunities for learning and experiencing new things outside of their own studies. Time spent in TAMK is time well spent, and the lessons and experiences will prepare you far into the future. We have a variety of programmes, diverse club and leisure activities and a lot of new people for you to meet. Whether you are Tampere-born or new to the city, a single person living in a room in a shared apartment or a father of a large family, just graduated from an upper secondary school or already in working life – remember to be curious, try new things and enjoy whatever you are doing!  
For more information, take a look at our Student’s Guidebook and contact Tamko’s actors if you have any questions!    

Emmi Lainpelto   
Chairperson of Tamko’s Board