A Council meeting was held on the 2nd of December 2022 in classroom B6-24 of TAMK’s main campus. The Council discussed, among other things, the capitalization of Market Trikoo, approval of the political program for the years 2023–2026, approval of the budget and fees for next year after the necessary amendments, and distribution of incentive fees to active Council members.


  • Peaceful Christmas to everyone!
  • The Board and Council for the year 2023 have been organized
  • We want the trash bins back in the classrooms and the price of Campusravita’s coffee down

Investment for TCR / Market Trikoo

Market Trikoo has operated at a loss because sales have not been as high as expected. TCR’s board had met, and they proposed each owner organization to capitalize Market Trikoo to speed up the business. The Council discussed the matter and decided to capitalize Market Trikoo under certain conditions.

Political program for the year 2023

A working group consisting of Tamko’s Board and the Council’s chairpersons has been working on Tamko’s political program for the coming years and it has been discussed at the board meeting in evac. The Council made the desired changes to the document, and then approved the political program for the years 2023–2026.

Budget for the year 2023

The budget guides the economy for the year and various expenses and income are broken down into it. The budget must be monitored during the year to stay within the budget. The budget has been prepared by the Board and the Council’s chairpersons. The Council made a few changes to the budget and then approved it.

Meeting fees and trustee fees for 2023

Tamko’s board members and the Council’s Chairpersons are paid a fee for acting in a position of trust. The board proposed increases in the remuneration of trust officials. The Council decided on the size of the fees for 2023:

Council’s Chairpeson € 150/month – 10 months
Council’s Vice Chairperson € 150/month – 10 months
Board’s Chairperson € 800/month – 11 months + € 400/July
Board’s Vice Chirperson € 500/month – 11 months + € 250/July
Board Members € 100/month – 10 months

The event coordinator’s fee of Gateway to working life

The Gateway to working life recruitment event will be organized in January 2023. An event coordinator, who is primarily responsible for the event and organizes the event, is needed for the event. Organizing the event is the task assigned to the Vice Chairperson of the Board. Since the term has ended for the year 2022 Vice Chairperson during the event, she needs to be paid a separate compensation for the work done. The Council discussed the matter and decided to pay compensation for organizing the recruitment event to the year 2022 Vice Chairperson after the event.

Refuse of the board’s communication actor’s fee

Laura Korhonen, the Board’s communications officer, has moved to Vaasa in the summer due to her studies. For the rest of the year, she has handled tasks related to her duty with lesser input. The Council decided to deny Laura the privilege to a part of her fees and transfer the denied fees to Kati Tuomisto and Riku Pitkänen, who did the work to make up for it.

Council’s Incentive remuneration model

Since the beginning of the year, the Council has approved an incentive remuneration model. According to the model, an active Council member or deputy member can earn an incentive fee for their active work. The activity is monitored by the Chairpersons of the Council. The fees will be paid in December 2022.

Incentive fees will be distributed to the following people: Ilari Savikko, Kia Kauppinen, Jukka Eräpuro, Katariina Tuomisto, Mona Ristikartano, Jarno Nevanperä, Sanni Kirjavainen, Mikko Wrightson, Ville Paananen, Emmi Lainpelto and Elise Nieminen.

Save the dates!

Next Council meeting’s date will be announced later.