A Council meeting was held on the 17th of February 2023 in auditorium E1-06 of TAMK’s main campus. The Council discussed, among other things, Market Trikoo Situation review, updated sub-association and project regulations, approved Council’s incentive remuneration for year 2023 and new wellbeing and culture board member was chosen. 


  • Welcome to the first meeting of the year! 
  • Winner of the Tursajaiset has been chosen 

Updates from the Council’s chairpersons and teams 

The Council’s Chairpersons has e.g. participated in board meetings and morning schools, principal’s morning meet-up, Tursajaiset, social media days, organized The Gateway to working life recruit event, participated Tamko’s tradition transmission and SAMOK’s kick-off cruise and helped the board in various tasks.  

The amusement, culture, and exercise team has arranged the first grouping night for the Council 30th of January 2023.  

The communication team have started visualization of Council’s social media brand and visibility. 

Updates from the board 

The new board has been introduced to their assignments. In addition to the board meetings the board has been involved e.g. in arranging orientation weeks, The Gateway to working life recruit event and Tursajaiset. The board also participated in Tamko’s transmission of tradition and SAMOK’s kick-off cruise. Chairpersons have planned Finnish parliament election affection and arranged WWF meeting. Sub-association and project regulations have been updated. In the field of events Siipibingo tasting has been organized and future events have been planned. Subject association VETO has been helped to start their proceedings.

Promotion of a deputy member to a regular member 

The Council’s regular member Saara Hallapelto from SoTen Valitut Palat list is absentee from her studies during the spring semester. SoTen Valitut Palat list’s first deputy member Pinja Tienari has been promoted to Saara’s place as a regular member. 

Resignation of a board member 

The board’s wellbeing and culture actor Olli Hämäläinen has filed for resignation starting from 19th of January 2023. The Council has discussed the size of the fee and decided not to pay the fee for his time at the board.

Completion of a board 

A new wellbeing and culture actor has been applied for the board. Completion search was opened the first of February 2023. Completion search has been informed at Tamko’s websites and in social media channels. The Council has chosen Saaga Mylläri as a new wellbeing and culture actor.

Place of a student representative in the degree board 

The degree board is responsible for e.g. entrance examination results and handles complaints about them. In the degree board they have one place for student representative. Kati Tuomisto has been chosen to the degree board on 22nd of November 2022 as a regular member, and to her personal deputy member Olli Hämäläinen. Olli Hämäläinen informed that he won’t continue as a deputy member. Berfin ÜstÜn was chosen as a deputy member to his place. 


Tamko has two (2) regular and two (2) deputy seats in Tampere’s student apartment foundation TOAS delegation. The student members for delegation of season 2023-2024 have been chosen. Emmi Lainpelto and Olli Hämäläinen have been chosen as regular members and Johanna Yrjölä and Emma Haatainen as deputy members. Emma Haatainen, Matti Hämelahti and Johanna Yrjölä have been nominated in the place of Olli Hämäläinen. The Council voted, and Emma Haatainen has been promoted to a regular member. Matti Hämelahti has been chosen as a deputy member.  

TRC Palvelut Oy Situation review 

Tamko has capitalized Market Trikoo, which is why contact persons Arttu Myllys and Emmi Lainpelto chosen by The Council came to give information about TRC Palvelut Oy’s history and regular situation. Uncertain times in world’s economy have had an negative impact on Market Trikoo’s situation. The location and visibility have also brought some challenges. The future of the shop is viewed optimistically as visibility grows and as the population increases in the area. Tampere’s big events also has an impact, e.g. Ice Hockey world championships in the summer.

Tamko’s Financial review 

Tamko’s Financial situation has been reviewed in the beginning of the year and Executive Director Henna Ruostila introduced the current financial situation and board’s policy to balance the economy of Tamko. The Council decided partly by board’s proposal to raise rental sauna’s fees and to withdraw 30 000€ from Tamko’s investments by consulting investment advisor. Hiring a new employee will be considered later. Further clarification was requested about subscription fees.

Acceptance of sub-association regulation 

Sub-association regulation has been updated and brought for Council approval. Simultaneously project regulation has been separated into its own document. The board stakeholder actor Lassi Laakso introduced updated regulations to the Council. It was decided to post the new regulations to the representative office in Teams for comments. Stakeholder actor prepares both documents in presentation condition for next Council meeting. 

Council’s Incentive remuneration model 

The Council’s incentive remuneration model aims to reward active Council members with a monetary reward at the end of the year. The fee was agreed to be 50-100€ for the season 2023. 1000€ have been set aside from the Council’s budget for incentive fees. For very serious reasons Council’s Chaipersons can reward Council member for a larger fee. The activity is monitored by the Chairpersons of the Council and at the end of the year they decide the amount of the individual rewards

The Gateway to working life event coordinator’s fee 

The Gateway to working life recruit event’s coordinator has been decided to reward compensation of 300€ from the time of the event. The fulfillment of the conditions for fee payment was discussed. Board members have been asked to give their opinions about the fluency of the event and it was concluded that the conditions for the fee have been filled.  

Save The Dates! 

Next Council’s meeting will be held on the 21st of March 2023 at 4 pm. 

The Council’s spring meeting will be held on the 11th of April 2023 at 4 pm.