Tamko is on the students’ side in the Parliamentary elections

Tamko’s parliamentary election work started with the Student Union of Tampere University TREY already last year. Last autumn, Tamko’s  and TREY’s joint key goals were planned and local parliamentary election candidates were met. It is important to start election work early so that students’ voices are heard already before the election spring.

Tamko is a member of the Student Union SAMOK and the Union of Finnish Student Unions SYL’s Students Above the Poverty Line – parliamentary election campaign. The key objective for higher education students is to increase the level of student financial aid by 100€ after the parliamentary elections. Every week, Tamko shares campaign material on its own channels. You can follow the campaign on social media with the hashtag #AboveThePovertyLine.

Tamko also participates in a nationwide call round, where the Student Unions of each constituency contact the candidates in the area and discuss their perspectives on student issues. The purpose of the call is to survey the opinions of the parliamentary election candidates regarding, for example, the level increase in the study grant, the basic funding of the FSHS and the tuition fees of higher education students. Tamko will organize calls for the parliamentary election candidates in Pirkanmaa region together with TREY.

“The voice of students must also be heard at the national level. Students live below the poverty line, even if they take out a full student loan. Studying at a higher education institution may already cause challenges and pressures, and the scarcity of livelihoods can only cause more of them. Poor livelihoods are also directly linked to mental health challenges and are one of the root causes of the mental health crisis. For this reason, the key goal for higher education students is that the level of student financial aid must be increased by 100€. As students, we need to make as much of a difference as we can, and voting is one of the easiest ways to make a difference. One of the best things about the election is the election coffee and bun after voting!”

Student Union Tamko’s Chairperson Linda Vallenius

Tamko will organize a parliamentary election panel on TAMK’s main campus on Monday 13.3. The panel will be held in room A3-27 and the event will begin at 4.15 pm. All interested are warmly welcome! Please note that the panel is held in Finnish.

If you are unable to attend the election panel organized by Tamko, luckily there are other election events in Tampere. We have compiled parliamentary election events for Tampere higher education students to this Facebook event. Welcome to join!

You can vote in advance on TAMK’s main campus 22.-28.3. So you can easily vote between lectures! See other advance polling stations in the Parliamentary elections from here.

The most important day of all is, of course, the official voting day 2.4.2023 when there is a last chance to vote and influence students’ affairs.

Tamko encourages everyone to make a difference by voting!