Tamko Topics 6/2024

Tamko Topics is a weekly newsletter of The Students’ Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

1. Hangouts board game night today!
2. Blood donation at TAMK 14.2.
3. Give feedback about Gateway to Working Life
4. Go with a friend – Valentine’s day discounts for Tamko members
5. Student, be sure to vote in the second round of presidential elections!
6. Kamula’s Newcomers evening for TAMK students
7. Wintersportsweek 12.-16.2.
8. Match made in PISTOT
9. TOP student benefits of February

1. Hangouts board game night today!

Welcome to Hangouts!

Tamko organise a board game night where you can challenge other players in board games in February! We offer different board games but you can also bring your own games. Come to Solu’s sauna in 5th if February at 5pm. You can also just come to hang out and enjoy the sauna and so bring your own sauna attire.

Tamko offers snacks and drinks but you can also bring your own snacks.
Hangouts is a free and alcohol-free event.

See you on Hangouts!

WHAT? Board game Hangouts
WHEN? At Solu’s Sauna
WHERE? 5th of February at 5pm
All events of the Student Union Tamko are completely harassment-free and no harassment or discrimination of any kind will be tolerated. Harassment contact persons can be reached at email address hairintayhdyshenkilot@tamko.fi. If you would like more information about the accessibility or accessibility of the event, please contact saavutettavuus@tamko.fi

2. Blood donation at TAMK 14.2.

Join us in saving lives! Tamko and the Finnish Red Cross will organise a blood donation event in room C1-05 on Wednesday 14.2. at 11-15. 

Donating blood is an easy way to help and only takes about an hour. A small effort for the donor is a big help for the patient. You can book an appointment for donation and make a health survey in advance at  

Every weekday, approximately 800 blood donors are needed in Finland. Blood is needed by, among others, surgery and cancer patients, accident victims and babies. Blood of all blood types is needed because there are patients from all blood types. You can always check the current blood situation on our website in the blood status barometer. So far, no artificial blood has been invented to replace donated blood. 

Can I donate? 

Most people can donate blood. The most commonly used medications, such as blood pressure, cholesterol and mild antidepressants, do not usually prevent blood donation. The blood donor must be healthy, between 18 and 70 years old and weigh at least 50 kilograms. The new donor must be under 60 years of age. A person aged 66 years or over may donate blood if less than two years have passed since the last blood donation.  

You can check your suitability as a blood donor in advance online at: https://www.sovinkoluovuttajaksi.fi/

Book your own donation slot: https://ajanvaraus.veripalvelu.fi/VP/location/tamk?_ga2.158434744.364384862.1706536842-156387337.1706536842=&_gac1.225036008.1706536842.CjwKCAiAtt2tBhBDEiwALZuhAEHFGLjuyRrC7JTEXlEg4wdAAeE7HNcXktv9CRKepg_LfF85JclZ9xoCgjUQAvD_BwE=

You will get a stamp on your Tursas passport for blood donation! 

3. Give feedback about Gateway to Working Life

Gateway to Working Life recruitment event was held last few weeks ago at TAMK’s main campus and a total of 120 companies participated during the three days.

We thank all visitors warmly!

Through this form we ask you to leave us feedback so that we can develop the event for next year! https://www.lyyti.fi/questions/f92495964d

4. Go with a friend – Valentine’s day discounts for Tamko members!

Tamko, Opiskelijan Tampere and Slice have put together super nice Valentine’s Day discounts for Tamko members!

Offers are published for the Slice.fi app as one-time coupons, so download the app now!
Here you can find instructions for downloading Slice: https://tamko.fi/news/tamko-member-take-advantage-of-thousands-of-benefits-in-slice/

With affordable campaign prices, you can go on Valentine’s Day with a friend for example:
– to lunch
– to play padel
– to waffles
– to a glass of wine
– to a hockey match
– to gym
– to dinner
– to flower shopping

Take this early start to Valentine’s Day benefits:

At Padel Factory on Valentine’s Day 14.2. courts at half price!
Those who have registered as students at Padel Factory can play until 4 pm for 8€ / hour and from then on the price is 15€ / hour for everyone. At the special price, fields can be reserved already with the promo code YSTÄVÄ!

Get your hair on fleek, with student friendly price!
With the code opiskelijantampere50 you can get -50% haircut from the Cutter app for the first time
With the code opiskelijantampere24 as a continuous benefit for students -20% on haircut.

Keep an eye out for Tamko’s social media and Slice.app to see what benefits there are coming up for Valentine’s day!

5. Student, be sure to vote in the second round of presidential elections!

There is still time to vote in advance in the second round of the Presidential election!
By voting, you influence which of the candidates will hold the Presidency for the next six years. The candidates are Alexander Stubb of the Coalition Party and Pekka Haavisto of the constituency association. Finnish citizens aged 18 or more on 11 February 2024 have the right to vote.
You can vote for any of the candidates. If you decide to vote in advance, you can do so in any polling station. You will need to take along your passport, ID card, driving licence or other form of ID bearing your photo. Advance voting in Finland is still going on until Tuesday 6.2.2024.
For more information about the presidential election, go to the Ministry of Justice website vaalit.fi/en.

6. Newcomers evening for TAMK students at Kamula

Hi TAMK student!

Have you heard of Kamula, a meeting place for students? Or maybe you have heard of it, but haven’t been to Kamula yet?

We have planned a nice evening at Kamula just for you, where you can also meet other new Kamula visitors. Welcome to Kamula’s newcomers’ evening students from Tamk! 


WEDNESDAY 7.2.24 at 16-19
At Kamula (address: Mustanlahdenkatu 18, Tampere)
Free of charge. No pre-registration required.

Activities for the evening

  • Speed friending at 16.30
  • Boarg games at 18.00
  • Snacks avaible all evening

At the door of Kamula, you will be welcomed by Kamula’s employees Fiia & Jenni. You will be shown around the Kamula facilities and what you can do at Kamula. After the tour, we will find something nice to do together. There are also volunteers at Kamula who spend time with visitors. 

Questions, thoughts, excitement… ? We are happy to help, send us a message (WhatsApp)

More information about Kamula

Instagram @kamulatampere

7. Wintersportsweek 12.-16.2.

Welcome to the Wintersportweek!

The Wintersportweek is a yearly happening organized by Tolu along with Tampere’s Akateeminen Mahti and TUtVoKe. This year the event will be on week 7 with different activities from Monday to Friday. The activities are mainly free of charge. Event passes will be handed out near the Wintersportweek in which you can collect stamps. With four stamps you’ll get a patch! More information can be found from Instagram at instagram.com/talviliikuntaviikko. Event schedule will be published closer to the event.

See you there!

8. Match made in PISTOT

Valentine’s Day is approaching! 

 Are you looking for the perfect way to celebrate your dear friends? Or are you possibly still searching for company to join in the Valentine’s Day festivities? 

Join the “Match Made in PISTOT” party, where friendship flourishes and vibes take over the atmosphere. Who knows, you might even find that special Match! 

There will be patches available for the fastest ones to arrive!

The doors open at 21:00 and stay open until 05:00! Tickets go on sale on Kide.app on Thursday, February 8th. at 10 o`clock

WHAT? Match made in PISTOT
WHEN? Thursday 15.2. from 21:00 to 05:00
WHERE? Restaurant world: Koskikeskus Ranta & Poro
HOW? Tickets are 4€ in advance / 6€ at the door. 0€ with Bilepassi (!note, free ticket must be redeemed!) 

PISTOT is organized by TTO ry, TIRO ry and PIRATE ry

All PISTOT events are completely harassment-free and no form of harassment or discrimation is accepted. PISTOT parties include trained anti-harassment contact persons Silja (viihde@ttory.fi), Toni (jasenpalvelut@tiro.fi)) and Mila (hairinta.mila@piratery.fi)

9. TOP student benefits of February

In February, the benefits also run away! These top student benefits, among others, are available with a Tamko student or membership card.

1. Tavara-asema
With a student card, -20% of faucet products. *Valid for all concerts. As well as for students renting premises at a lower price.
Read more

2. Social Burger Joint
-15% with student card. *Valid on all products every day.
Read more 

3. OVV Tampere
Moving boxes with student card 0,10 €/box/day. Rent boxes for up to a month.
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