Tamko Topics 51/2022

Tamko Topics is a weekly newsletter of The Students’ Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

1. Solu’s opening hours during Christmas
2. Tamko’s mobile student card is now on Tuudo!
3. Gateway to Working Life -recruitment event in January
4. Congratulations to all graduates!
5. Fleamarket for work clothes for practical training
6. Leaving Tampere? Let’s make more sustainable choices!
7. Design an overall badge for Parvi and win prizes

1. Solu’s opening hours during Christmas

Upcoming Christmas will affect Tamko’s office opening hours and office is closed 23.12.2022-1.1.2023. You can contact office@tamko.fi if you have urgent issues during this time. Please note that due to Christmas holidays, there may be a delay in replies.

Until then we are open normally and you are very welcomed to visit us and for example to borrow winter sports equipmet!

Tamko wishes everyone happy holidays!

2. Tamko’s mobile student card is now on Tuudo!

Mobile student card is the key to discounts from Christmas presents and cheaper travelling with long distance buses and trains! So download Tuudo now!

Previously used Pivo -app’s mobile student card will be deactivated at the end of January 2023.

If you have paid Tamko’s membership fee and are registered for attendance at TAMK you can activate mobile student card to use alongside you plastic student card. You get all the same discounts and benefits when using mobile student card or plastic card.

Tuudo is a free app, that has been made to make students’ life a bit easier. in addition to Tamko’s mobile student card, you can find from Tuudo example your timetables, study credits, reservations for classrooms and other TAMK’s spaces, cafeteria’s menu and course enrolments, quite handy!

You can download Tuudo to your mobile devices from application store.

Read more: https://tamko.fi/news/tamkos-mobile-student-card-can-now-be-found-from-tuudo/

3. Gateway to Working Life -recruitment event in January!

Are you looking for summer job? Or place for internship? What about company to make your thesis for? Come to Gateway to Working Life event in January 2023!

In January 2023 students and companies are coming together when Tamko is organizing Gateway to Working Life (Finnish name: Portti Työelämään) recruitment event! This event has been organized since 2010.

Gateway to Working Life is event where local and national organizations come to TAMK to meet their future talents!.The organizations are offering different kinds of work, internship and thesis opportunities to TAMK students plus a chance to communicate with them and get more detailed information about them. 

Check out Gateway to Working life website!

Event is organized on TAMK’s main campus lobby area 23.-25.1.2023 and there is free entry to the event.


23.1. Social services and health care, Business administration, hospitality management and others
24.1. Technology and ICT
25.1. Technology

You can get stamp to your Tursaspassi by participating in the event.

See you in January!

4. Congratulations to all graduates!

Tamko congratulates every graduate of the autumn! We wish you all the best for the future!

Today 19.12. graduation ceremony was held at main campus and there were music performances and speeches. In addition to these the student of the year, the teacher of the year and the staff member of the year were awarded. Tamko were involved in deciding on the teacher of the year and the staff member of the year, students could also send their suggestions in earlier last month. 

The student of the year: Petri Salminen
The teacher of the year: Hannu Tuhkanen
The staff member of the year: Mirja Onduso


5. Fleamarket for work clothes for practical training

Do to the requests from students Tamko has launched this page for the students to sell and buy used work clothes for health care practical trainings. As a TAMK student you can post here to sell your old work clothes used in practical trainings and of course buy them aswell. 

Let’s make more sustainable choices!
Link to Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100088786598165

6. Leaving Tampere? Let’s make more sustainable choices!

Are you are leaving Tampere? Or are doing Christmas cleaning and found items that you would like to get rid of? Or are you looking for opportunities to find something for yourself?

We’d like to remind you about the myriad of possible ways to recycle your goods, furnitures or kitchen utensils and how to find something to yourself! It’s more affordable, sensible, and above all sustainable. Let’s dive in!

1. Recycling centers

There are recycling centers, where one can find furniture, kitchen utensils, and a lot of other useful stuff. Down below is a link to one of these. Unfortunately, it is not available in English, but if you scroll down a little bit, you can find their contact information!


2. Recycling groups in social media platforms such as Facebook

There are a lot of groups in Facebook, where you can find like-minded people who are into recycling. There are numerous groups, but here are a few to mention:

Roskalava Tampere (only for free stuff, no selling): https://www.facebook.com/groups/564513004344490
Roskalava Tampere (only for free stuff, no selling):https://www.facebook.com/groups/roskalava.tampere
Tampere University students and personnel (selling and/or free stuff): https://www.facebook.com/groups/1593462217553552

3. The recycling shelves maintained by TAMK’s social counsellor, Mirja Onduso

Mirja Onduso, the wonderful social counsellor of TAMK, looks after a selection of recycled goods and is more than happy to add new items to her collections, too! Please take your items washed and inside a plastic bag. You can ask for more information from Mirja Onduso, using the contact information below.

Mirja Onduso
050 329 5224

7. Design an overall badge for Parvi and win prizes

Now you have a chance to set your creativity free and design your own badge to decorate your fellow students’ overalls.

1. Design your own badge. It can be anything, but related to well-being, studying or learning.

2. The size of the badge will be max. approx. 8 cm in diameter and can be any shape and color. Image file, such as JPG or PNG is enough.

3. Share a photo of your badge on Instagram by tagging @tamkparvi or send it us via Instagram DM or e-mail: parvi.tamk@tuni.fi

4. You’ll receive extra points by tagging a friend to the Instagram photo, who will need new badges to their overalls.

5. The best overall badge idea will be implemented, and the winner gets a movie ticket and 10 badges to share with their friends, and eternal glory.

Time to participate the competition until 31st December 2022 and the winner will be announced after New year. The winner will be contacted directly and the copyright of the winning badge will be moved to Parvi.

Good luck!