Tamko Topics is a weekly newsletter of The Students’ Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

1. You can find Tamko’s mobile student card soon from Tuudo!
2. Tamko’s actors for year 2023 have been elected!
3. Student’s IT services recap workshop 1.12.
4. Join Parvi’s workshops at the end of the year
5. Hardy pardy Christmas concert on TODAY 30.11.
6. Korvatunturi Kolmiot 8.12.
7. First-year student, have you already answered the HealthStart questionnaire?

  1. Tamko’s mobile student card can be found from Tuudo starting on 1.12.2022

Previously used Pivo -app’s mobile student card will be deactivated at the end of January 2023, so download Tuudo -app now and start using Tamko’s mobile student card there!

If you have paid Tamko’s membership fee and are registered for attendance at TAMK you can activate mobile student card to use alongside you plastic student card. You get all the same discounts and benefits when using mobile student card or plastic card.

Tuudo is a free app, that has been made to make students’ life a bit easier. in addition to Tamko’s mobile student card, you can find from Tuudo example your timetables, study credits, reservations for classrooms and other TAMK’s spaces, cafeteria’s menu and course enrolments, quite handy!

You can download Tuudo to your mobile devices from application store.

Read more: https://tamko.fi/news/tamkos-mobile-student-card-can-be-found-from-tuudo-starting-on-1-12-2022/

2. Tamko’s year 2023 actors have been elected!

The Students’ Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences’ Council for 2023 was organized on 22.11.2022 and the new actors for the year 2023 have been elected!

Read about the new actors and their titles from Tamko’s website: https://tamko.fi/news/tamkos-new-actors-have-been-elected/

Congratulations and best of luck for the upcoming year! 

3. Student’s IT services recap workshop

Can you handle Pakki? Do you remember how to sign up for classes? What was Moodle again..?

Come and recap the student’s IT services to Parvi on 1st of December starting on 3pm. We start with general recap of about 45 minutes, after which you may want to stay and try the systems and ask your own questions. Take your own laptop with you, you don’t have to sign up for workshop in advance, it’s enough to show up.

The workshop is held by Tamko’s Peer Coaches. The main language of the event is Finnish, but you can also ask your own questions in English.

4. Join Parvi’s workshops at the end of the year

Do you need boost for your studies at the end of the year? Want to study together in the middle of the darkest days?

Get Stuff Done! study sessions for independent studying together

  • Tuesdays 12.00-13.45 on Zoom, even-numbered weeks also as hybrid at Parvi (B1-24)
  • Thursdays 14.00-15.45 on Zoom

The sessions utilize the Pomodoro study technique, and you can come along with any school assignment.

Sparris study skills workshops in English

  • Tuesday November 29th at 15-16.30 – Tips for writing (in English), Zoom

The sessions are open for all TAMK students. No pre-registration needed. Welcome to join!

You can also come to study Parvi (B1-24) together or by yourself whenever the room is free.

You’ll find all the Parvi activities and Zoom links on Parvi’s calendar.
Follow @tamkparvi on Instagram and hear about the activities for next year!

5. Hardy party Christmas consert on TODAY!

Phew! Our Educational Pastor Jusu went and stole the whole Cathedral for us and now there will be symphony orchestras with kettledrums and everything! Join the Christmas concert of all time! The concert will have a great program and wonderful performers. If you’re going to a Christmas concert this year, this is the one!

What? Christmas concert
Where? Tampere Cathedral
When? Wednesday 30th of November at 18:00
Price? €0

From this evening, the jinglebells will start tinkling!

6. Korvatunturi Kolmiot 8.12.

Christmas is just around the corner, but is the Christmas feeling still missing? No need to worry since Kolmiot will bring Korvatunturi’s Christmas to you. Show up to Korvatunturi Kolmiot on 8.12. at 21-05 in any Christmas costume and feel the Christmas with all your heart. These Kolmiot will work excellently as a afterparty for your friends’ Christmas party!

WHAT: Korvatunturi Kolmiot
WHERE: Ranta & Poro, Hatanpään valtatie 1
WHEN: Thursday, December 8th from 9pm to 5am
OPTIONAL DRESS CODE: anything Christmassy – Christmas shirt, elf cap, Santa’s beard…

ADVANCE TICKETS: on Monday, December 5th, price 6€ (incl. cloakroom)
– at 10 am from Kide.app (bit.ly/joulukolmiot)
– This time, there is no ticket sale at campuses!

From this evening, the jinglebells will start tinkling!

7. First-year student, have you already answered the HealthStart questionnaire?

If you started completing your first degree at an institution of higher education this academic year, you can answer the HealthStart questionnaire on the Self online service.

After completing the HealthStart questionnaire, you’ll receive immediate feedback on your state of health and may be referred for health promotion services provided by the FSHS.

For more information:
First-year student, have you already answered the HealthStart questionnaire? – FSHS (yths.fi)