Tamko Topics 41 / 2021

Tamko Topics is a weekly newsletter of The Students’ Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences

1. Degree tutors, application period 11th of October until 14th of November
2. Tursajaiset 13 October
3. Winners of Restart the Student Life event
4. Tolu’s Finnish baseball games October 13th
5. Club International Tampere (CLINT) is looking for new members!
6. Tolu’s weekly sports shift 12 October
7. Magic Mirror in Parvi 12th October
8. Shift booking to SportUni gyms ends Mon 11 Oct

1. Degree tutors, application period 11th of October until 14th of November 2021

Degree tutors are helping out new degree students of TAMK. They are playing an important part in integrating new students to Tampere and TAMK. Degree tutors will gain new friendships and study credits: sounds like a great deal, huh? Degree tutors work with their Finnish peer tutor colleagues and meet the new students once a month during their first academic year 2022-2023. Enroll here.

2. Tursajaiset 13 October

This year Tursajaiset will be organized on Thursday, 13th of October. The event is a traditional welcoming event for all new students of TAMK. The daytime event is free for all new students. We will start the event at midday (12 p.m.) from TAMK main square (the square at the Teiskontie side) and after group formation, we will march together to Keskustori (Tampere Town Square) where new students will pledge the new student’s vow, called Tursasvala. After the vow, our whole group will move together towards the mysterious Tursasland. 

The daytime activities will end at 7 p.m. This year the after party will be held in two places: Ravintolamaailma and Bricks. The group with the most points will be awarded at the after party. Tickets are 6€ from Kide.app, and 9€ at the door. 

The overall badges will be given at the after parties as long as there are badges to give. If you don’t want to purchase a ticket and come to the after party, you can buy the overall badge from the info point at daytime event. Overall badge will cost 2€ at the daytime event. 

All Tamko events are harassment free. Tamko’s harassment contacts are available at the event. They can also be reached afterwards via email at harassment(at)tamko.fi. 

3. Winners of Restart the Student Life event

Tamko’s new student event, Restart the Student Life, was organized on 6 – 26 September. The event was aimed to all TAMK students, especially 2nd year students and others who have started their studies earlier, during covid lockdowns. The student teams were able to choose from over 100 checkpoints which ones they wanted to carry out. The competition has now ended and the winners are: 

Main prices and winners

  1. Sticky Wingers -gift card: 20LATE
  2. Virtual experience at Portal: 20i254
  3. Megazone Tampere: 20RH
  4. Escape Room Mysteeri:  Saattohoidot

Prices raffled among all teams who have at least 75 points

  • Irti maasta -climbing experience: RESTO20
  • Saunarestaurant Kuuma’s cabinet and sauna rental: Suökapaööokerho
  • Access to Space Bowling: 19nurse
  • Solu’s sauna rental (including food and snacks): Ketkot

Thank you for all the participants and congratulations to the winners. Thank you also for our partners: Ammattiliitto Pro, Insinööriliitto IL ry, Tradenomit, Saunaravintola Kuuma, TOAS, Sosiaalialan korkeakoulutettujen ammattijärjestö Talentia ry, Pirkan Opiskelija-asunnot – POAS, NoHo Partners, OP Tampere ja Tresilienssi

4. Tolu’s Finnish baseball games October 13th

Tolu arranges a Finnish baseball game at the Kauppi water tower field from 15:45 to 19:00. We have some equipment for everyone to loan and use. All TAMK students and faculty are welcome. Arriving: start from Kaupinkatu 2, turn to Kaupinpuistonkatu, go up the hill and the field is on your left.

5. Club International Tampere (CLINT) is looking for new members!

Are you an international minded person who loves to get to know different cultures and organize events as well as trips? Look no further! Tamko is looking for new members to join our club: Club International Tampere or CLINT for short. CLINT was established in 2004 to organize fun activities and events for exchange and degree students who are new to the Finnish culture.  

TAMK and Tamko are opening up and we have already had some events organized by different associations. We want to include everyone into the student life here at TAMK and we would love to have enthusiastic people creating events for our international students!  

If you love hanging out with different people and making new friends, love getting to know different cultures and wish to earn an extra point if you are applying for exchange, then apply now through the following Microsoft forms here latest 18.10.2021!

6. Tolu’s weekly sports shift 12 October (ultimate)

Welcome all to Tolu’s drop-in sports shift 12th of October from 17:00 to 19:00. It’s going to be ultimate! You don’t need SportUni membership in order to attend, just say you’re coming to Tolu’s weekly sport shift at the customer service desk.

7. Magic Mirror in Parvi 12th October 

Come to play different kind of Apps alone or together to Parvi (C2-03) on Tuesday, October 12th at 4 – 5.30 p.m.! Magic Mirror offers you different ways to exploring. Check all the Sparris workshops from here: Study skills (tuni.fi)

8. Shift booking to SportUni gyms ends Mon 11 Oct

From next Monday, 11 Oct, you can train in SportUni gyms without a shift booking. You can also take part in open ball games shifts and climbing without shift booking. You can book a shift to group exercise classes or badminton from Selection Calendar.

Group exercise classes can be booked daily starting from 6 am. Badminton for next week’s shift will open for booking on Thursdays at 8:45 a.m. Please, follow hygienic instructions and safety distance when you visit SportUni premises. Use face mask when you enter. Please show your access card to the electronic reader on every visit.

Please follow the hygiene instructions

  • Train 100 % healthy
  • Wash and disinfect your hands
  • Wear a mask otherwise than during exercise
  • Clean equipment after use
  • Use a towel covering the mat, or bring your own fitness mat in group exercise
  • Go to the group exercise classes and ball shifts to the hall after the previous ones have left