Club International Tampere is looking for new members!

Are you an international minded person who loves to get to know different cultures and organize events as well as trips? Look no further! Tamko is looking for new members to join our club: Club International Tampere or CLINT for short.

CLINT was established in 2004 to organize fun activities and events for exchange and degree students who are new to the Finnish culture. Apply here by 18 October:  

TAMK and Tamko are opening up and we have already had some events organized by different associations. We want to include everyone into the student life here at TAMK and we would love to have enthusiastic people creating events for our international students!  

Why should you apply?

  • If you love hanging out with different people and making new friends, 
  • Love getting to know different cultures 
  • and wish to earn an extra point if you are applying for exchange 

Then it’s definitely worth applying!

More information:
Aleksander Tuckett 
International Affairs representative
+358 44 082 6566