Welcome new students!

Tamko warmly welcomes new students!

Us Tamko folks are here for students from the very beginning of the studies until the graduation. For you new student we have put together Student’s Guidebook where you can find useful information for your studies, about student health care and public transportation and also what kind of activities and clubs can be found! Click here to read!

Tamko makes sure that the voice of TAMK students is heard! Tamko works to improve both educational and social affairs, trains all TAMK tutors and organize events when the world situation allows it. When you get Tamko’s membership you get all previous and a student card which is your key to thousands of student discounts in Finland. Plus, you’ll enjoy all the local Tamko membership benefits like events, local discounts and courses. If you are interested in joining Tamko click here or come to see us in the office!

Tamko’s office Solu is located next to TAMK’s main campus, in the L-building. Solu is student’s living room and students are welcomed there to have a cup of coffee, do homework, play board games or spend some freetime. There is also a lot of sports equipments like ice skates and hockey sticks for members to borrow for free! Check this video to see what Solu looks alike!

Inappropriate, discriminating and insulting talk, messages or e-mails don’t belong to TAMK as they don’t belong to any other place of study or work. Tamko’s Harassment Contacts are student’s just like you! They will support and give advice to students who have experienced disturbance of any form. Click here to find more about Harrasment Contacts and how to contact them.

From Solu you can also find sauna facilities which our members can rent for discounted price. So if you are thinking about throwing a get together with new classmates we recommend to check out our sauna! This link takes you to see booking calendar and prices of Solu’s sauna.

Are you concerned about education quality? Do you need support with your studies? Have you got amazing idea for event? Or course? Is there some sport equpment missing from Solu? Whatever comes up during your studies feel free to contact us Tamko folks!

Good luck with studies for new students!