Together against harassment

Tamko has become aware of increasing harassment incidents in our university community. We’ve discussed about the matter together with TAMK, Sub associations and we state together the following:

We don’t tolerate any kind of physical or mental harassment, discrimination, bullying or any other kind of insulting behaviour in Tampere University of Applied Sciences’ community in person or online.

Everyone has the right to a harassment free, safe and equal studying environment and student life. Everyone, including bystanders, has a responsibility to intervene to such behaviour when they witness or discover it. More about prevention and addressing of inappropriate conduct from student’s handbook.

Proceed as follows in case of inappropriate conduct

You do not need, and you are not supposed to tolerate any harassment. In case of harassment, it is good to act in accordance with the following guidelines:

1. React to the situation immediately. Do not wait for the situation to pass.

2. Tell the person who behaves inappropriately that you do not approve it and ask the person to stop.

3. Contact a harassment contact person to help you fully confidentially on a low threshold. Harassment contacts will not proceed with further action without consent, but they will help to take it forward if you want so. You can be in touch with harassment contact person even when you are unsure about your situation or who to contact.

  • From Tamko’s harassment contacts (harassment(at) you can receive support and advice to deal with the harassment situation also in free-time.
  • In education-related situations you can contact TAMK’s harassment contact’s Merja Hanhimäki and Matti Pietilä.
  • You can also contact Student associations or Clubs harassment contacts.

4. Report harassment also to TAMK’s Safety observations Rego system.

5. Keep a record of incidents and other people present and save potential evidence, such as SMS or email messages. When the situation is discussed in a meeting, ask someone to keep minutes.

Tamko has done Code of conduct, ethical principles and guidelines, for promoting equality and it applies to all Tamko’s activities. Code of Contact also supports the activities of TAMK’s Student association and Clubs and most of them has their own trained harassment contact person.

Each and every one of us can implement change through our own actions.


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