Tamko’s Tursajaiset 13.10.2021

Its that time of the year again where Tampere is full of confused small freshers or Tursas. Its time for the Tursas shephards to get to work and direct the lost Tursas into the Tampere student life. It is time for the 80th Tursajaiset organised by Tamko!

This years Tursajaiset will be organised on 13 October and the daytime activity is free for all new students. The event will start at 12:00 and this is when the new tursas groups will be formed and ready at Taivallisen rauhan square (The entrance looking out to teiskontie). From there the whole mass of new students will march towards Keskustori. At Keskustori the new students will pledge a vow called Tursas vow. After this the group will go towards the tursas land.

The daytime activity of Tursajaiset will end at 19:00 (7pm) after which everyone can continue partying at the afterparty. The group with the most points will be awarded at the afterparty. This year the afterparty will be hosted at to places. Places are Ravintolamaailma and Bricks. Tickets to the venue will come on sale at Kide.app on September 28 at 10am. Tickets cost 6€ for a pre purchased tickets and 9€ at the door.

Link to the Kide.app: https://kide.app/events/439b769b-5a44-4e9d-924b-1eb485e4e975

The overall badge will be given to those who have bought the tickets to the afterparties as the stocks last. If you dont want to go to the afterparty and you want the overall badge, we have few badges on sale at the day event. Overall badge will cost 2€ at the day event.

All Tamko’s events are strictly free of harassment. We have trained contacts also at Tursajaiset, so if you face any kind of harassment during the event, please do contact hairintayhdyshenkilot(at)tamko.fi

WHAT: Tamko’s Tursajaiset 2021
WHERE: Starting from Kuntokatu 3 main square
WHEN: 13.10.2021 12am, afterparty in Ravintolamaailma and Bricks at 7PM.