Tamko Topics 21 / 2020

Tamko Topics is a weekly newsletter of The Students’ Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

English Summary
1. Tamko’s overall patch design competition
2. Continued restrictions and the corona virus recovery plan
3. You can now return books to the library – the opening of pick up library services is being prepared
4. Invitation to students´ digital readiness survey


1. Tamko’s overall patch design competition

Tamko announces an overall patch design competition! Is your design the next big hit that can be seen on overalls from various fields of study?  

There are three different series in competition: Tamko/TAMK, Tampere and a topic of your own choice. At the end of the competition, Tamko’s Board will select one winner from each series. The competition is open until the end of May.  

– An overall patch musn’t be offensive and should remain within good taste.

– Competition period is from 11th of May until 31st of May 2020.

– The winner will be chosen by Tamko’s Board.

– By participating in the competition with your design, you’ll transfer all its material rights to Tamko.

– Please send the design materials and questions about the competition to edustajisto.vpj(at)tamko.fi.  

– You can participate in all series but please note that one overall patch design can’t take part in all three series. Also, please mark your designs clearly, so that we know which design is meant for what series.   

– All winners will be rewarded with a local business’ gift card (of their choosing with a value of 15€) and overall patches.


– Leave some space at the edges of your design.

– Use a font which is big (at least 5 – 6 mm) and clear enough (sans serif type).

– Avoid using small details or thin lines.

There’s no limit for imagination in this competition, so release your wildest ideas!


2. Continued restrictions and the coronavirus recovery plan

Campus facilities

For now, the campus facilities will primarily remain closed. Only specifically designated persons are authorised to access the premises, or access may be granted upon separate agreement (to allow, for example, the collection of degree certificates or the taking of electronic exams).


Teaching will primarily be delivered remotely or online. Mandatory laboratory classes may be held on the campuses as of 14 May based on a decision taken by the deans or directors of TAMK’s schools. Otherwise the campus facilities will remain closed to students. The restrictions that apply to the completion of electronic exams in the EXAM facilities will be partially lifted, but safety precautions must be followed when taking electronic exams. Entrance examinations will primarily be held remotely. University teachers may access the campus to organize entrance examinations based on a dean’s decision. TAMK’s entrance examinations are organised according to national agreements, in two phases.

Degree certificates

Graduates will be able to collect their degree certificates during separately announced times from TAMK as of 18 May.

More info about the current corona situation can be found from Intra bulletin.

3. You can now return books to the library – the opening of pick up library services is being prepared

On 4 May 2020, the Finnish government issued guidelines for the gradual lifting of the coronavirus lockdown. For now, the campus facilities will primarily remain closed. More pick-up library services will be opened at the library’s units.

The return boxes of the library’s units are open and it is now possible to return the material. We recommend that you return the material you borrowed to the unit where the material originated. The locations of the return boxes / return hatches at each location are:

  •     Linna: beside the main entrance of Linna building on Kalevantie street side
  •     Arvo: near the front door of Arvo building, Teiskontie street side
  •     Hervanta: in the elevator lobby on the 1st floor of Kampusareena. When the building is closed, you can leave your loans in a box labelled “Library returns” outside the entrance on the Main Building side.
  •     TAMK Main campus: beside the Library’s main entrance on Service Street. When the building is closed, you can leave your loans in the book return box at the main entrance of the campus, Teiskontie street side.
  •     TAMK Music Academy: return books to TAMK Main campus.
  •     TAMK Mediapolis: return books to TAMK Main campus.

In spite of the closure of the library premises, all of the library’s online services will continue to function normally.

4.  Invitation to students´ digital readiness survey

Dear Student – please respond to this students’ digital readiness survey and help us to improve your university´s means of digital studying and quality of online teaching, learning and support. The responses are used (anonymously) for research purposes.

Respond here. The survey takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. Please respond by 30.5.2020.

By creating an individual log in link to the survey, you will gain access to results that you can use to compare your individual responses to other respondent groups. The results are provided to you when the survey has accumulated enough responses.

Researchers Antti Syvänen (antti.syvanen(at)tuni.fi) and Erkko Sointu (erkko.sointu(at)uef.fi) will answer your further questions. Thank you for your participation!

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