Tamko Topics 13 / 2020

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English Summary
1. Changes in Tamko operations due to Coronavirus
2. Enroll for international tutoring 2 – 27 March
3. Municipal elections are just around the corner – now is your time to speak up!
4. Latest updates on the coronavirus
5. Tampere University Library Units are closed – necessary text/course books will be available
6. Bulletin for Tampere City Student Health Care
7. Student, don’t be alone! – Reverend Jussi Houttu helps!


1. Changes in Tamko operations due to Coronavirus

We respect the Finnish Government’s course of conduct. Therefore our office and other premises are temporarily closed until 13th April as a measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Tamko’s Board, Council and employees are working remotely. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us via our website chat, social media channels, email (office(at)tamko.fi) or phone / WhatsApp (+358 44 382 6561) during weekdays from 9am to 4pm.

Unfortunately, in the current situation, returning your Survival Kit, fetching your student card or etc. service situation is not possible due to office closure. However, we’ve agreed with POAS that students who live in POAS appartments can leave their Survival Kits in the appartment (all kitchen utensils have to be cleaned and neatly packed in the plastic box). Please contact us that you’ve left the Survival Kit in the appartment. If the student lives in TOAS appartment or in an appartment rented by a private landlord, please contact us so that we can give you more information about the Survival Kit returning.

Our sauna rentals have also been cancelled from 17 March ’till 13th April 2020. Please contact us if you like to postpone your sauna booking.

Finnish Government and the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL, in Finnish) have given a recommendation to cancel all large and small gatherings and events until the end of May. Due to this, we’ve decided to cancel all our spring events like Tamko Loppumetri, Tamko’s evening, the Week of Promoting Students’ Interests and our first of May events. Tutor trainings will be postponed or arranged with special arrangements. Please stay tuned for further information.

2. Enroll for international tutoring 2 – 27 March

Next autumn there will be a lot of new exchange students coming to TAMK. Would you like to be here welcoming them? Now it’s time to register for the international tutor trainings and be a part of Tamko’s big happy tutoring family.

International tutors are helping our incoming exchange students. They take care that exchange students adapt to TAMK and Finnish student life. International tutoring will give you a bunch of nice experiences and improve your language skills.

Student’s Union Tamko will train new international tutors remotely on Wednesday 15th of April and Tuesday 21st of April. Please stay tuned for possible changes.

International tutoring also adds up your ECTS credits. When the course is done, you’ll also get an extra point when applying to exchange studies. You’ll also get a mark to your Tursaspassi Passport when enrolling for the trainings.

You can register here.

3. Municipal elections are just around the corner – now is your time to speak up!

Tamko and TREY’s joint group for urban advocacy, Group 35 000, has kicked off again and started to plan the municipal election platform for 2021.

For the platform to genuinely represent students in Tampere, all students of Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences have a chance from the get-go to influence the themes that the platform contains.

It’s easy to influence the municipal election platform! Instructions: Like the objectives that you find central or propose new ones. Group 35 000 will prepare a platform draft with the help of the proposals, and the final platform will be moved to the Tamko and TREY’s councils in the autumn.

Let’s make sure that Tampere remains Finland’s most student-friendly city!

4. Latest updates on the coronavirus

Tampere Universities are actively monitoring the coronavirus situation and will provide updates on a regular basis. You’ll find all the current information, instructions and recommendations from TUNI intranet. Please keep an eye on intranet and updates on this bulletin.

5. Tampere University Library Units are closed – necessary text/course books will be available

The Finnish Government decided on measures in order to curb the spread of coronavirus in Finland. The measures will be in force until 13th of April 2020. According to the Government’s decision, the premises of educational establishments including universities and universities of applied sciences will be closed. This will apply to all library premises as well. In spite of the closing of the library premises, all of the library’s online services will continue to function normally.

The due dates of all loans will be postponed to Wednesday 22.4.2020. Likewise, the date of picking up the reservations moves to the same time. The due dates of the loans will start to appear in Andor with a slight delay. There is no need to return the material to the library during an emergency time.

In order to ensure a smooth course of studies, access to printed course literature is guaranteed to all students in the University community regardless of the closure of the premises so that the customer can order the course book they require using this form. The book can only be picked up in the Hervanta Campus arena (Kampusareena) 1st floor short loan room, from where the customer must pick up and loan the material as selfservice.

It is only possible to retrieve the material from Hervanta, as all other premises of the University community are closed according to the policy of the government and the University community. Hervanta’s Campus arena (Kampusareena) is a building that is kept open because there are companies in the same building that are supposed to continue to operate normally.

Once the reserved material is retrievable, it will become the standard e-mail notification to the customer. You can reach our customer service online through our chat service, which is now exceptionally open longer from 8am to 5pm every weekday. In addition, you can reach our customer service by e-mail: libary@tuni.fi. We will try to find a solution for you in any problem, so please contact the library!

6. Bulletin for Tampere City Student Health Care

Due to Corona/COVID-19 pandemic there are a few changes done to the Tampere City Student Health Care services until further notice. Basically the schools/colleges/student health care centres are functioning, but with some precautions.

Usually the given appointments with will be held as agreed, but one should notice that it is forbidden for a person with respiratory infection symptoms or a person who has returned from a trip from abroad within 2 weeks or a person ordered under quarantine/isolation to arrive to his appointment.

Evaluation for the needed care is done via phone conversation. The receptions at the schools/ colleges are closed until further notice and/or the appointments will be changed into telephone conversations /evaluations. The student health nurses are contacted by their regular phone numbers, which are working as usual.

The patients suffering respiratory infection symptoms must use only phone to contact their healthcare personnel via an appointment number.

The customers are required to obey proper hygiene regimen meaning washing hands when arriving and leaving an appointment and keeping at least 1 meter physical distance to another person also inside the healthcare building. New appointments for health checkups of 1st year students are no more given, but the agreed appointments are kept as agreed.

The student in the need of certain vaccinations during the spring term should contact by phone a student health nurse for arranging an appointment. The students will be informed, if there are more changes in the Student Health Care system in the future.

For the further information contact:

Appointments in student health care.

Corona related information: City of Tampere and Finnish institute for health and welfare: thl.fi

7. Student, don’t be alone! – Reverend Jussi Houttu helps!

The Student Chaplaincy of the Evangelical Lutheran parishes in Tampere. We are  at your service also during the Covid-19 epidemy. We offer possibilities for counseling, discussion, prayer etc.  to students and staff of all faiths and none.

You can contact us or by phone or TEAMS, WhatsApp, Instagram. Face to face meetings are also possible if you feel it’s ok for you.

Rev. Jussi Houttu, university chaplain (TAMK)
jussi.houttu(at)evl.fi, p. 040 804 8403

Check also our website.

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