Tamko Topics 14 / 2020

Tamko Topics is a weekly newsletter of The Students’ Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

English Summary
1. Tamko’s remote services
2. Enroll for international tutoring by 5 April
3. Propose the staff person of the year in TAMK 2019 – 2020
4. Municipal elections are just around the corner – now is your time to speak up!
5. Summer studies 2020
6. Latest updates on the coronavirus
7. Sustainability Open Space
8. Develop your working life skills & problem solving skills with Demola – online


1. Tamko’s remote services

Tamko office and other premises are closed until 13th April 2020. But no worries! Tamko is serving students remotely.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us via our website chat, social media channels, email (office(at)tamko.fi) or phone / WhatsApp (+358 44 382 6561) during weekdays from 9am to 4pm.

We’re ordering student cards in normal fashion and will send the card to the student through mail. Our educational and social affairs team is working also remotely, so if you face any challenges with remote working or advancing your studies, please contact us and we’ll help you! Send a message: edunvalvonta(at)tamko.fi  

2. Enroll for international tutoring by 5 April

Next autumn there will be a lot of new exchange students coming to TAMK. Would you like to be here welcoming them? Now it’s time to register for the international tutor trainings and be a part of Tamko’s big happy tutoring family.

International tutors are helping our incoming exchange students. They take care that exchange students adapt to TAMK and Finnish student life. International tutoring will give you a bunch of nice experiences and improve your language skills.

Student’s Union Tamko will train new international tutors remotely. All who have enrolled will be contacted personally after the enrollment period has ended.

International tutoring also adds up your ECTS credits. When the course is done, you’ll also get an extra point when applying to exchange studies. You’ll also get a mark to your Tursaspassi Passport when enrolling for the trainings.

You can register here.

3. Propose the staff person of the year in TAMK 2019 – 2020

The Students’ Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences (Tamko) has been nominating the staff member of the year in TAMK since academic year 2004 – 2005. The recognition will be given to a person who has remarkably developed education, study environment and TAMK community during the last academic year or by doing persistent work. The recognition will be granted in first weeks of academic year 2020 – 2021.

With the recognition Tamko wants to encourage good policies and motivate the staff to keep up their good work. Executive board of Tamko will decide the staff member of the year in TAMK based on written well-grounded proposals made by students and staff. Written proposals should be sent by 15th of April 2020 at noon at the latest via this form.

4. Municipal elections are just around the corner – now is your time to speak up!

Tamko and TREY’s joint group for urban advocacy, Group 35 000, has kicked off again and started to plan the municipal election platform for 2021.

For the platform to genuinely represent students in Tampere, all students of Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences have a chance from the get-go to influence the themes that the platform contains.

It’s easy to influence the municipal election platform! Instructions: Like the objectives that you find central or propose new ones. Group 35 000 will prepare a platform draft with the help of the proposals, and the final platform will be moved to the Tamko and TREY’s councils in the autumn.

Let’s make sure that Tampere remains Finland’s most student-friendly city!

5. Summer studies 2020

Summer projects and challenges will improve the working life, teamworking and communication skills. Interdisciplinary teams will work with authentic challenges and develop different services or products of our own community and businesses.

The summer can be part of practical training, a project work course, or part of free choice studies. However, it is good to verify from one’s own study programme that the implementations can be included in the studies. Credit units will be earned according to the hours worked. All the meetings will be held online, or if the corona situation allows, face to face.

Summer 2020 includes three different options. It is possible to join some of them, or all of them!

[1] Y-kampus Innovation Challenges, 11.5.-19.6.

[2] Learning Lab projects, 22.6.-31.7.

[3] Tampere Summer school, 3.8.-14.8.

More information:

eija.syrjamaki(at)tuni.fi / Learning Lab

minttu.ripatti(at)tuni.fi / Innovation Challenges

summerschool(at)tuni.fi / Tampere Summer School


6. Latest updates on the coronavirus

Tampere Universities are actively monitoring the coronavirus situation and will provide updates on a regular basis. You’ll find all the current information, instructions and recommendations from TUNI intranet. Please keep an eye on intranet and updates on this bulletin.


7. Sustainability Open Space

Sustainability Open Space will develop our own community and make it more sustainable. Let’s discuss and do!

We will explore sustainability topics together. After each topic, it will be time for a reflection and discussion regarding the important sustainability challenges. These meetings are very thought provoking sessions.

Bring questions and development ideas with you. Join us during the spring 2020, March 30th, April 27th and May 18th, 15:00-17:00 PM. All the meetings will be arranged online. Join Zoom Meeting.

8. Develop your working life skills & problem solving skills with Demola – online

Current working conditions enable you to participate in Demola’s future work projects from your own couch. In a Demola project, you’ll have the possibility to:

  • demonstrate your skills in a concrete way during your studies
  • work interactively and online with an interdisciplinary team, and
  • get contacts to companies

If you are interested in creating new service and business models in the insurance industry or you are interested in using your visual skills to help people communicate better, Howden Finland’s project is pretty much created for you. Read more about the project description and schedule here. Application for the project is open until 8.4.

For more information about Demola and the project, please contact: Heini-Marja Rintaniemi, heikku@demola.net

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