Tamko Topics 11 / 2020

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English Summary
1. Enroll for international tutoring 2 – 27 March
2. Tamko’s evening 18 March
3. Corona virus – news update for TAMK
4. Tolu’s weekly sports shift 10 March
5. TAMK summer studies fair 10 March
6. Enrollment for academic year
7. Tolu’s traditional floorball tournament 13. – 15.3.2020
8. Y-portfolio course
9. Antura’s annual celebration
10. Tampio & Tiro: Pimpla 21 March
11. PISTOT Memes 19 March


1. Enroll for international tutoring 2 – 27 March

Next autumn there will be a lot of new exchange students coming to TAMK. Would you like to be here welcoming them? Now it’s time to register for the international tutor trainings and be a part of Tamko’s big happy tutoring family.

International tutors are helping our incoming exchange students. They take care that exchange students adapt to TAMK and Finnish student life. International tutoring will give you a bunch of nice experiences and improve your language skills.

Student’s Union Tamko will train new international tutors on Wednesday 15th of April and Tuesday 21st of April. There will be coffee and sandwiches served in the trainings. International tutoring also adds up your ECTS credits. When the course is done, you’ll also get an extra point when applying to exchange studies. You’ll also get a mark to your Tursaspassi Passport when enrolling for the trainings.

You can register here.

2. Tamko’s evening 18 March

Welcome to play board games, sew overall patches’ and meet new people to Tamko’s evening on 18 March at 5pm! You can bring some games, activities etc. with you. Tamko offers evening snack!

You will get a stamp on your Tursaspassi from this event. Please note that the happening is non-alcoholic. Welcome to the Solu!

3. Corona virus – news update for TAMK

The virus that caused an outbreak of pneumonia in China last December has been identified as a novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV. Tampere University of Applied Sciences follows the situation and the instructions provided by the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare as well as specific action plan.

The main symptoms of a coronavirus infection are fever and shortness of breath. The symptoms have typically been mild. The best way to protect yourself from any respiratory infection is to wash your hands carefully. Please wash your hands carefully with water and soap, at least for 20 seconds. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth, unless you have previously washed your hands. Please cover your mounth and nose with a disposable handkerchief when you cough or sneeze.

Based on the current information, the virus is contracting via droplet infection in close contact. The incubation period is estimated to be approximately 2 – 12 days, 5 days in average. Students and personnel who are planning to travel to epidemic-area, are currently travelling there or are returning from a trip to epidemic-area are advised to follow the latest news on the outbreak.

Further information for students: kirsi.jokipakka(at)tuni.fi or tarja.kalliomaki-linnas(at)tuni.fi

1. Visit the website Coronavirus: latest updates maintained by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare for the latest news on the situation.

2. If you are planning a trip to epidemic area, contact the Travel Team well in advance (Travel Team at TAMK: matkat.tamk@tuni.fi).

3. Check the Ministry for Foreign Affairs website for the latest travel advisories (in Finnish). Coronavirus advice for travellers. Submit a travel notification to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

4. Follow the updates and instructions provided by local authorities.

5. Instructions for protecting yourself against the virus while travelling are available, for example, on the websites of WHO and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare. Most importantly, you need to wash your hands carefully.

6. If you suspect you have contracted the coronavirus, contact a health care provider by phone and follow the instructions given to you. Latest information on coronavirus situation : Intranet news

Currently there is no travelling from TAMK to China, Korea or Italy. Travelling to other countries must be considered taking into account the instructions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ja Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare. The students and personnel are wise to consider e.g. postponing the trip or participating via skype if possible. Students or staff members who consider working remotely from home after free time travels, should contact the above mentioned contact persons.

4. Tolu’s weekly sports shift 10th of March (dodgeball)

Welcome to Tolu’s weekly 2-hour drop-in sports shift on Tuesday the 10th of March from 17:00 to 19:00 at TAMK’s sports hall. We’ll play a different sport each week and next time it’s going to be dodgeball! All TAMK students and staff are welcome to join, and there is no skill requirement. We just want to have fun and get you moving. You don’t need SportUni membership in order to attend, just say that you’re coming to Tolu’s weekly sport shift at the customer service desk.

5. TAMK summer studies fair 10 March

Thinking about summer studies? Come explore the possibilities offered by TAMK at the summer studies fair on 10.3.2020 between 10am – 1pm at the lobby between the C-wing café ad the Festival Hall!

There are many options available to all TAMK students. You can find a range of different courses from Tampere Summer School and TAMK’s own summer study offerings which are excellent additions to your degree and professional skills and capabilities.

CampusOnline allows students to choose from courses offered by many universities of applied sciences and study them throughout the year, free of charge. Courses taken at CampusOnline can also be included in your degree. TAMK’s career services will be at the fair to talk about summer traineeship/internship possibilities, and the Living Lab and Y-kampus Innovation challenges are offering hands-on project studies during the summer.

Of course, there are other things related to a student’s summer; TOAS, POAS and Kela will be present at the fair to give advice on their particular areas. You can ask the Kela representative about most Kela-related business that you might need help with, aside from summer-related topics.

Come have a chat about your summer and find the right summer study course or project for yourself! More information: Johannes Paavola, johannes.paavola(at)tuni.fi

6. Enrollment for academic year

In order to preserve your study right, you have to register for attendance or non-attendance each academic year. All students (including Master’s Degree and TAOK-students) register themselves as Present of Absent. Note that if your study right ends on 31 July 2020, you cannot register as present or absent for the autumn semester 2020. Please register for the following academic year in PAKKI on 1 March –  31 May. You can change your registration for the spring semester by 30 November by contacting the study affairs coordinator. If you are on extension time, registration for attendance will be made automatically for you.

The deadline for enrollment is 31.5.2020. If the registration as Present or Absent has not been done in time, you will lose your study right on 31.7.2020. The study right can be restored via an application. Application processing cost is 50 euros.

Tuition fee paying students can not register through PAKKI. When enrolling, you must pay the 1st installment (50 %) of your tuition fee. Enrollment and payment links are here.

If you face any technical problems with the enrollment, please contact it-helpdesk(at)tuni.fi.

7. Tolu’s traditional floorball tournament 13. – 15.3.2020

Tolu’s traditional floorball tournament is here again! The tournament is played 13. – 15.3. in the sporting hall of the L building. Participation fee is 10 euros per each team. The best teams will be showered with great prizes!

Attendees are required to have the SportUni membership, but have no fear if you don’t have it! Non-members can attend to the tournament throughout the weekend with a single 6 € entrance fee. Team spots are sold at Solu’s counter. Last date to sign up is Wednesday 11.3.! More info can be found from Tolu’s Facebook-page.


8. Y-portfolio course

Bring your practical experience about entrepreneurship and working life skills to part of your curriculum! Did you know that you can earn 1-10 credits by developing your entrepreneurship and working life skills? Jump in to Y-portfolio course in the 4th period by enrolling the course and taking part to the Kick-start on the 12th of March at 2-4 pm.

In your Y-portfolio you can collect practical experiences such as volunteering in an entrepreneurial association, training programs related to entrepreneurship (accelerator etc.), starting your own business, developing your business etc. Read more here.

9. Antura’s annual celebration

Antura celebrates its 10 yearlong journey. The celebration will be held on 28th of March 2020 in Nokian Kerhola (Souranderintie 13, 37100 Nokia.

Registration is open at Kide.app. The dinner card costs 46€ for members of Antura and 56€ for others. The dinner card includes the celebration dinner with drinks, after-party and herring breakfast on the next day.
The dress code for the evening is black suit.

For more information about our anniversary, please contact the board of Antura (antura@tamko.fi) or visit our Facebook page.

10. Tampio & Tiro: Pimpla 21 March

Welcome to the annual ice fishing event, hosted by TIRO & TAMPIO! The event will take place in Suolijärvi beach, Hervanta Friday, 21st of March. The event begins 13.00 and ends 19.00. The sauna will be ready circa 16.00. Snacks and hot drinks will be served for free.

There are magnificent prices in the ice fishing competition! It doesn’t matter, if you don’t have your own equipment, because it’s possible to lend some. Baits are sponsored by organizers. If you don’t like ice fishing, you can try different winter activities like mölkky, kyykkä and ice swimming. Tickets (4€) will be available in the Kide.app.

11. PISTOT Memes 19 March

Do you like memes or are you perhaps the meme of your own life? Do you relate to a toast shaped and rainbow coloured cat? Do you own the rarest pepe? Now you can dress up as your favourite meme, whether it is Doggo or the attack helicopter.

Now you also have a chance to win a spot in the legendary PISTOT party trip to Malaga!! Few lucky ones will get to participate the competition and the winner gets to participate the PISTOT party trip. Social Club opens at 21:00 and the party doesn’t stop until 5 am. Tickets in advance 6€ from Kide.app and from the door 8€ Including the Cloakroom fee (With the party pass you have free entry and a separate queue).

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