Bulletin from Tamko´s council meeting

Bulletin from Tamko´s council meeting 3.3.2020

This years second council meeting was held on Wednesday 3.3.2020 at 05.00pm at Tamk´s maincampus. Meeting addressed updates from each Board member and from the two teams of the council. Meeting also decided the new candidate for the Tamk´s council and talked about renovating Tamko´s websites. the announcement that Tamk´s Headmaster and Ceo Markku Lahtinen will leave his position before the year 2021 was presented at the beginning of the meeting.

Board updates

The board has started preparing the Student well-being week. At this event the students will get to meet and talk to the operatives who advance student benefits. Both local and national operatives will be summoned to the event.

Tamko will lauch a new form of tutoring called peercoaching. The launching event of peercouching will be held Monday 9.3 (more info in facebook event). The board has also selected the new harassmentcontactpersons. The search for new international tutors is also active.

Team Updates

The teams are operating on many different matters including activity in socialmedia and social-activities for council members.


Tamko´s council has decided that Tamko´s Chairperson Emmi Lainpelto will be nominated as the Student candidate for Tamk´s Board. Also the website renovation was addressed and the council decided to raise the budget so that a operational and long-lasting implementation can be acquired.

Did you have these in your calendar?

  • 25.3: Tamkos WizZard themed traditional academic tableparty (Sitsit) . Tickets at sale in kide.app from 9.3, 14.00. Tamko Members 18€ non-members 27€.
  • 18.3 Tamkos evening at solu

If you have any questions about tamko´s counsil don´t hesitate to ask!

Chairperson Kia: edustajisto.pj(at)tamko.fi
Vicechair Ronja: edustajisto.vpj(at)tamko.fi , or if you have questions for the whole counsill you will reach us at: edustajisto(at)tamko.fi