Changes in Tamko operations due to Coronavirus

Published 13 March 2020, updated 17 March 2020 at 11.09.

We respect the Finnish Government’s course of conduct. Therefore our office and other premises are temporarily closed until 13th April as a measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Tamko’s Board, Council and employees are working remotely. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us via our website chat, social media channels, email (office(at) or phone / WhatsApp (+358 44 382 6561) during weekdays from 9am to 4pm.

Unfortunately, in the current situation, returning your Survival Kit, fetching your student card or etc. service situation is not possible due to office closure. However, we’ve agreed with POAS that students who live in POAS appartments can leave their Survival Kits in the appartment (all kitchen utensils have to be cleaned and neatly packed in the plastic box). Please contact us that you’ve left the Survival Kit in the appartment. If the student lives in TOAS appartment or in an appartment rented by a private landlord, please contact us so that we can give you more information about the Survival Kit returning.

Our sauna rentals have also been cancelled from 17 March ’till 13th April 2020. Please contact us if you like to postpone your sauna booking.

Finnish Government and the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL, in Finnish) have given a recommendation to cancel all large and small gatherings and events until the end of May. Due to this, we’ve decided to cancel all our spring events like Tamko Loppumetri, Tamko’s evening, the Week of Promoting Students’ Interests and our first of May events. Tutor trainings will be postponed or arranged with special arrangements. Please stay tuned for further information.