Statement: Government’s Budget Framework humiliate students further

In the spring framework session, the government has decided to transfer students from general housing allowance to the student housing allowance. Tamko is shocked by the decision, as students are already struggling enough. 

This decision is especially reflected in the income of those living alone and significantly impairs the students’ livelihoods – again. The student housing allowance is reported to be around 260 €, which means that individual student benefits can drop by as much as over 100 € per month. The student housing allowance is only available for months eligible for student financial aid, practically excluding summer months. If a student doesn’t find summer job, their livelihood is in serious danger during the summer. 

Transitioning to the student housing allowance also accelerates students’ indebtedness because they are not entitled to social assistance before taking out a student loan. This increases the uncertainty of students’ livelihoods and affects their mental health. Solving the students’ mental health crisis requires actions to promote well-being and mental health, not to deepen it. 

It’s unacceptable that students are once again targeted for cuts. Deterioration of income slows down the completion of studies when the time required for studies is spent on working and ensuring livelihoods. If students are expected to graduate on time, their studies need stronger support, not weaker. It is useless to dream of raising the level of education or having healthy experts in the future working life if Government keeps constantly cutting from students. 

The decision to drop students from general housing allowance is both cold and unreasonable. 

Julia Väänänen
Chairperson of the Board 2024
+358 44 082 6560