Stand as a candidate in Council elections!

You can now stand as a candidate in Council elections!
If YOU want to make a difference, make new friends and experience, then stand as a candidate!
We would like to remind that the official working language of the Council is Finnish.

To become a candidate, you need to do three steps:

1. Register for the list of candidates or create your own list

On Tamko’s the website’s election page there is an updated list of existing lists notified to Tamko.
If you can’t find suitable list for yourself, you can also set up your own! Please indicate the list you have set up yourself here.

2. Fill in Tamko’s electronic candidate announcement

Use the form to answer your basic information as well as, for example, your election theme, slogan and photo
Here is the form:

3. Advertise yourself!

Tamko advertises all candidates, but the candidates themselves can advertise themselves or their joint list of candidates quite freely, for example, with their own posters, stands or on social media.