Results of the distance learning survey

The distance learning survey by SAMOK and the student unions of the universities of applied sciences was carried out in April. The aim of the survey was to collect important data on the experiences of students during the coronavirus pandemic. For instance 60% of the repliers felt that their mental health had been negatively affected by the pandemic. Loneliness and being in isolation has already been enough for many. Students need support for their studies and more possibilities to get mental health services. 

These and other problems caused by the pandemic have been also noticed in our students’ union and TAMK. Tamko is already making it possible that students can get help more easily if they need it. For instance we are in Tresilienssi-project where we can have an influence on students’ wellbeing. We have also been working on #Parvi-project. Autumn comes fast and we are already getting ready for the new semester because effects caused by the pandemic can have long lasting impacts among our students.