Pivo isn’t working? Mobile student card is only on Tuudo!

Pivo not working? Neither should it, because Tamko’s mobile student card is only on Tuudo!

Tuudo is a free app, that has been made to make students’ life a bit easier. in addition to Tamko’s mobile student card, you can find from Tuudo example your timetables, study credits, reservations for classrooms and other TAMK’s spaces, cafeteria’s menu and course enrolments, quite handy!

You can find student card from Tuudo from page menu on right side behind the wallet icon next to your name.

– Check out the detailed instructions from Tamko’s website: https://tamko.fi/news/tamkos-mobile-student-card-can-now-be-found-from-tuudo/
– There is also video instructions on Tamko’s Instagram profile on Tuudo-highlights!

We no longer work with Pivo, so unfortunately the student card can no longer be found in that app.