“In a year, we’ll change the world just this tiny bit”

Joonas, our Chairperson of 2022, once said “In a year, we’ll change the world just this tiny bit.”

And this is exactly how it is. When we influence big things, change takes time. The steps in between processes are small. As Tamko’s first actual representative of communications, I have been able to admire how well Tamko improves and develops its functions. Tamko’s ability to evolve springs from students full of enthusiasm and their will to make changes.

During the year, I have seen how changes happen when Tamko and its actors put their brains and little fingers to work. Students bring innovative energy, new development proposals and most importantly – hope, into our work.

Tamko’s capacity for improvement doesn’t only reflect with the 2021 Board’s decision on adding a communications representative on Board. Tamko’s development is continuous and consists of many different things. We are constantly improving our communications, educational and social affairs, tutoring, student’s wellbeing, our events, and international affairs for example. These are only a few examples among our many other targets of development.

Already for 110 years Tamko has been supervising students’ interests in Tampere. It is amazing, how far back in time Tamko’s history goes. A lot has been done. During the year of 2022 I have tangibly seen, how to drive a change. I am sure that I will hear about Tamko’s achievements in the future. 

Again, as Joonas said, “Without Tamko, students’ position would not be so great in the University of Applied Sciences of Tampere” – and without students, there would be no Tamko. Thanks to our work belongs to the students.

The author is Tamko’s board member responsible for communications, Laura Korhonen