Council’s bulletin 10.11.2020

Councils fall meeting was held on Tuesday 10th November at 16.30 in TAMK. The meeting agenda included updates from board and council, confirming strategy (2021-2023), plan of action and financial plan for 2021. In addition, the program for municipal election was approved and accountants were chosen.


  • New council has been elected
  • New chairperson and vice chair for the council and new board members will be elected the next meeting (18.11.)
  • Statement for public transportation of Tampere
  • New rules are confirmed

Updates from the board members 
The board had a weekend together where for example a new strategy was decided. Tamko’s representatives took part in SAMOK meeting. The event Portti Työelämään will be held remotely. New student members are needed to join negotiations’ boards. Interviews for tutor candidates starts next week.

Updates from the Council
The chairperson and the vice chair were also with the board members. They also participated SAMOK meeting. The communications team has helped with marketing for elections.

Strategy for 2021-2023
The council has gone through strategy but decided to let employees comment on it first before final approval.

The plan of action and the financial plan for year 2021
Both were accepted in the meeting.

Other matters
The council decided not to change anything regarding membership costs and accountants. The R35 program was accepted. A resigning from the board was granted for Petra Vuorinen.

If you have any questions about tamko´s counsil don´t hesitate to ask!  
Chairperson Kia: edustajisto.pj(at)  
Vicechair Ronja: edustajisto.vpj(at) , or if you have questions for the whole council you will reach us at: edustajisto(at)