Bulletin from Tamko’s council meeting 17.8.2021

Council meeting was held 17.8. via Teams. The meeting agenda included updates from the council’s chairpersons and board members, going through materials for SAMOK’s general assembly and setting a candidate for SAMOK’s board elections.


– Pancake party on TAMK (Thu 19.8., 26.8. and 9.9. from 10 to 14 o’clock)

– Enrolling time for council elections starts on Wed 15.9. (and ends on Wed 6.10. at 10 o’clock)

Updates from the council’s chairpersons and teams

Council’s chairpersons have attended to board meetings and trainings and taken part in the Orientation weeks.

Updates from the board

In addition to meetings and trainings, the board has been planning the upcoming autumn’s events: for example Tursajaiset and Wellbeing week. Also working groups have started their meetings semester.

SAMOK’s general assembly materials

Materials for SAMOK’s general assembly are on the comment round. Tamko’s board and the council’s chairpersons have went through the materials and suggested some changes. Council looked through the materials and the board’s comments. The suggested changes will be delivered to SAMOK’s consideration. Council’s final statement about the general assembly materials will be given later.

Setting a candidate for SAMOK’s board election

Tamko’s board chairperson Emmi Lainpelto wants to apply for SAMOK’s board for the term 2022 and is asking for council approval for the application. Council decided to back up Emmi’s application.

Save the date!

Next council meeting will be held on 6th of September. (Note that the council’s working language is Finnish.)