Alkumetri and Tursajaiset have been cancelled

Tamko has decided to cancel both Alkumetri and Tursajaiset and move them to a later date. One of the main reasons for this decision was that we we cannot guarantee the safety of our students without risks during these events. Also, we want all students to be able to take part in our events, including those who are in the risk groups for COVID-19. That is why we want to be responsible and follow the coronavirus regulations as closely as we can. It is obvious that this is a difficult decision, but for us it is the only way to move on with the current situation. Still, our goal is to organize these events in the future. Especially Tursajaiset will be bigger and better than ever before!  

The clubs and associations operating within Tamko can still organise their own events this autumn. However, this must be done by closely following the regulations of the Finnish Government. All in all, we advice the clubs and associations to take the necessity of the events into account when organizing them.