Tamko Topics 34 / 2020

Tamko Topics 34 / 2020

Tamko Topics is a weekly newsletter of The Students’ Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

English summary

1. Good to know when visiting Tamko’s office Solu
2. Tamko’s autumn campaign – win a 100€ S-group gift card!
3. Interactive musical theatre association NääsPeksi is looking for people to be part of NääsPeksi 2020!
4. Opiskelijan Tampere’s SyysFest in Särkänniemi


1. Good to know when you are coming to Tamko’s office Solu during the COVID-19 pandemic

– Avoid visiting Solu if you feel any kind of symptoms of flu
– For the time being Solu is only open for necessary student services (student cards, SportUni fee, other advice or support to your questions about student life etc.)
– Use PIVO Mobile student card as often as you can
– It is also possible to get a study year sticker for your friend too, in this case please bring their student card with you
– We prefer card payments

Tamko’s office Solu opening hours during the 1st period (for the time being):
Mon-Wed 10am – 4pm
Thu 10am – 6pm
Fri 10am – 2pm

– Remember to check TAMK intra for up to date information during the coronavirus pandemic:

2. Tamko’s autumn campaign – win a 100€ S-group gift card!

Tamko’s traditional autumn campaign is here! This year we’re raffling off 5 pcs of 100€ S-group gift cards among Tamko members.

Two of the gift cards are raffled among new Tamko members who have applied with an electronic application form and paid for multi year membership. The other three gift cards will be raffled among all members of Tamko whose membership is valid on 1st of October 2020. Now is a great time to become a Tamko member or get your membership payment done for this autumn! More information: www.tamko.fi/en/autumn-2020-membership-campaign

3. Interactive musical theatre association NääsPeksi is looking for people to be part of NääsPeksi 2020!

Speksi is a form of improv & musical theatre popular among the universities in Finland and Sweden. NääsPeksi has over 100 students annually working towards a common goal – an epic musical theatre spectacle!

We have many specialised teams to complete all the tasks required and currently we are looking for people for these teams:

Hyvinvointi- ja viihtyvyys – Wellbeing & Social Events
Käsikirjoitus – Script (fluent Finnish required)
Lavastus – Set design
Logistiikka – Logistics
Lipunmyynti – Ticket sales
Mainosmyynti – Sponsors
Markkinointi – Marketing
Näyttelijät – Actors (fluent Finnish required)
Puvustus – Costume design
Ruokatiimi – Catering
Sanoitus – Lyrics (fluent Finnish required)
Taikatiimi – Make up and/or hair
Taltiointi – Photography
Tanssi ja koreografia – Dance and choreography (auditions on August 30th at 2pm at Tamppi-areena in Hervanta)
Tarpeisto – Props
Velhot – ICT
Visualistit – Visualization

You can register (non-binding) by using this link: https://naaspeksi.fi/uutiset/naaspeksin-tekijarekry-2020. The registration closes on September 13th.

If you need help or have questions, the producers will gladly help you, just send mail to tuottajat@naaspeksi.fi.

4. Opiskelijan Tampere SyysFest in Särkänniemi

Opiskelijan Tampere’s and Särkänniemi’s SyysFest is here again! For the third time this student festival will hit Särkänniemi in September the 1st. The ticket sales have already begun, you can get the ticket for 11€ from Kide.app. The ticket will be changed to a Särkänniemi wristband. You also need a valid student card or certificate.

In SyysFest Särkänniemi Theme Park is reserved for students only! All the craziest rides are open and also restaurants, kiosks and games. More information will come along the summer, so follow Opiskelijan Tampere on social media.

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