The Council meeting was held on 24th of October 2023 at TAMK’s main campus in auditorium E1-09. The meeting discussed, among other things, the recruitment of a new Executive director, changes in the composition of the Council, and discussed the expenses due to the termination of Market Trikoo.

§ 135 Announcements

– The search for the Executive director has ended and the interviews will take place in week 44, after which the board’s proposal for a new executive director will be brought to the Council
– The desired start date of the Executive director employment contract is 4th of December 2023
– Voting for the Council election is on until 8.11., go vote!
– The badges and banner for the Council elections have arrived

§ 136 News from the Chairpersons of the Council

In addition to the board meetings and morning coffees of the school’s executive team, the Chairpersons of the Council have advertised the ongoing representative elections. The Chairpersons have participated in the meetings of the central election board and put-up candidate posters. In addition to this, Chairpersons has interviewed candidates aspiring to the SAMOK board.

The communication team has continued the marketing of representative elections in a visible way on social media.

The amusement, culture and sports team has organized an evening party for the Council on 23.10.

§ 137  News from the board

In addition to meetings and daily operational activities, Tamko’s board has participated in the marketing of representative elections and increasing voting activity. The chairperson has interviewed candidates for SAMOK’s board and has been hosting a panel of candidates in Jyväskylä. The actors have also been collecting comments on the descriptive texts of the new curricula at the stands for several days. The tutoring team has been employed in the field of tutor applications that have just opened. In the welfare and culture sector, the upcoming welfare week and Kimble tournament have been organized. On the events side, the organization of Alkumetri has been on agenda.

§ 138 Time of the autumn meeting

In the Council meeting 07/2023, it has been decided for the fall meeting 2023 to be 21.11. at 16:30. Tamko’s rules, however, state that “the Council meets in three (3) statutory meetings each year: the organizational meeting between November 16 and December 15, the spring meeting by the end of April, and the autumn meeting on November 15

by.” According to the rules, the autumn meeting should therefore be six (6) days earlier than the date decided at the 08/2023 meeting. In addition, in regular meetings of the student union, the meeting agenda and its appendices must be available for review by the Council at least seven (7) days before the meeting. However, the Council may decide to deviate from the rules on compelling grounds.

The autumn meeting will deal with documents that guide Tamko’s operations, among other things. Tamko’s board will complete the preparation of the documents in its fall meeting on November 10-11, after which the prepared documents will be brought to the Council for review as an attachment to the agenda. However, the timing of the board’s autumn meeting is arranged so that either the prepared documents would be read by the Council no more than three (3) days before the last possible date of the autumn meeting according to the rules, or the date of the meeting would have to be delayed so that it is later than the time period stated in the rules. In this case, however, the documents would be made available to the Council for review at least one week before the autumn meeting. Since these are important documents that guide the activities of the entire student body, it is important that the editors can familiarize themselves with them carefully before making decisions at the fall meeting. Therefore, the representative Council has decided that the meeting can be held on 21.11. at 16:30.

§ 139 Voting right of a Council member remotely at the fall meeting

Tamko’s rules state that “[t]he Council can separately decide, with compelling reasons, that a representative with voting rights can also participate in the regular meeting of the Council during the meeting with the help of a telecommunications connection or other technical aid. Participating in a meeting using a telecommunications connection or other technical aid is called remote participation in these rules.” The Council has decided that for compelling reasons, you can participate in the meeting as a representative with voting rights via remote connection.

§ 140 The remuneration of the event coordinator of the Gateaway to working life -event

The Gateaway to working life -recruitment event will take place on January 22-24, 2024. For this event, a event coordinator is needed, who is primarily responsible for the event and organizes the event. The organization of the event has been assigned to the vice-chairperson of the board. Since the board year has ended for the vice-chairperson during the event, the vice-chairperson of the board needs to be paid a separate compensation for the work done. The board has proposed that in February 2024, the 2023 vice-chairperson of the board will be paid compensation in the amount of €300 for acting as the trade fair coordinator of the Gateaway to working life -recruitment event, as in 2023. The Council has approved the payment of the fee, on the condition that the fulfillment of the criteria for the fee payment is monitored with the help of the time book kept by the event coordinator. The working committee deals with the fulfillment of the payment basis or the possible need for changes before the payment of the fee and brings the matter to the notice of the board and the Council.

§ 141 Continuation of the deputy member of the examination board in her position

At the 07/2023 meeting of the Council, it was decided to postpone the decision on who will continue as a deputy member of the examination board in the period 2023-2024. Berfin Üstün has announced that he wants to continue in the position along as a member service employee.

142§ Union meeting materials of the National Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences – SAMOK

SAMOK’s board has updated the documents at the union meeting based on the student unions’ comments received from the comment round. The updated documents have been brought to the representative office for review in Teams on 19 October 2023. Based on the discussion at the meeting, Tamko’s position regarding the proposed changes to the documents at the SAMOK union meeting will be decided. However, the Tamko’s board at the union meeting will be granted the authority to act in the union meeting in the way they see fit, so that they have the opportunity to change their position and stand, for example, on the side of a change proposal, if they think it is the best option based on the discussion at the union meeting.

§ 143 Sub-associations day

The sub-associations day is organized on Tuesday 14.11. from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Erica Kinnunen, Minja Kero, Julia Väänänen, Kia Kauppinen and Ossi Nieminen will be representing Tamko at the stand.

§ 144 Other emerge things

On the election day for the Council elections, 8.11. School priest Jussi Houttu bakes buns for the students. In addition to this, stands will be organized on 7.11. and 8.11. On the Mediapolis campus.

Save the dates!

– Well-being week in week 45 (6.11.-12.11.)
– Official Council election day 8.11.
– Sub-association day Tue 14.11. from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m
– Open meeting of the board on Wed 15.11. 5 pm onwards
– Autumn meeting of the Council 21.11. at 16:30 onwards in classroom A3-27
– Organizational meeting Wed 22.11. from 4:30 p.m. in the auditorium E1-06
– Kimble tournament 25.11.