The meeting of the Council was held on 21st November 2023 at TAMK’s main campus in auditorium A3-27. The meeting reviewed, among other things, the implementation of the 2023 action plan, approved the action plan and budget for 2024, and decided on the amount of membership fees.


– Tamko’s new executive director Jasmeet Saini started his work on 20th November 2023

Action plan of the delegation 2024
Action plan was reviewed point by point at the meeting. The action plan mentions, among other things, the intention to involve editors more in Tamko’s daily operations. In the current year, members of the Council have participated in organizing events and election campaigning. The importance of Council elections will be emphasized more in the future also within the government. As for the presidium, cooperation with the board’s presidium is being developed.

The Council teams have been activated this year, and especially with regard to the communication team, we want to maintain and develop the active work in the future as well.

The board’s action plan
The 2024 action plan was reviewed point by point at the meeting. Each board sector has its own section in the action plan. In general, the activities of the board will be developed to be more accessible to international students. Under the leadership of the chairperson, the board prepares a strategy for the years 2024-2026. The vice-chairperson coordinates the expansion of the funding base in cooperation with the chairperson and executive director. On the tutoring side, the changes brought by the curriculum reform in tutoring and orientation days are taken into account. Stakeholders are remembered to be educated with an emphasis on bilingualism. Communication will be expanded to cover more of the entire board by training operators in the use of social media. Well-being and culture will develop alcohol-free events. Alku-  and Loppumetri event concepts will be renewed.

Amount of membership fee and joining fee for 2024
The membership fee and the joining fee remain unchanged.

Meeting fees and trustee fees for 2024
The members of Tamko’s board and the chairpersonship of the Council receive a monthly bonus for being active. The Council has decided to increase the remuneration of the board’s chairperson for the year 2024 due to the large amount of time spent on duty. The rewards for 2024 are as follows:

Chairperson of the Council €150/month – 10 months

Vice-Chairperson of the Council €150/month – 10 months

Chairperson of the boar €1000/month – 11 months + €500/summer (+€200/month increase)

Vice Chairperson of the Board €600/month – 11 months + €300/summer (+€100/month increase)

Board members €100/month – 10 months

The event coordinator’s fee of Gateway to working life
The Gateway to working life recruitment event will be organized in January 2024. An event coordinator, who is primarily responsible for the event and organizes the event, is needed for the event. Organizing the event is the task assigned to the Vice Chairperson of the Board. Since the term has ended for the year 2023 Vice Chairperson during the event, she needs to be paid a separate compensation for the work done. The Council discussed the matter and decided to pay compensation for organizing the recruitment event to the year 2023 Vice Chairperson after the event.

Budget for 2024
The budget guides the economy for the year and various expenses and income are broken down into it. The budget must be monitored during the year in order to stay within the budget. At the meeting, the board of representatives discussed the budget prepared by the board of directors and the board of representatives for the year 2024. The budget was reviewed point by point with necessary modifications and approved.

Selection of auditors
According to the board’s proposal, Tilintarkastus Lamberg Oy (HMT company) was chosen as the auditor, with Tatu Lamberg (HMT) as the main auditor and, if necessary, the deputy auditor from within the auditing company.

List-specific number of deputy members of the 2024 Council
According to the rules, the number of official substitute members per list of the next term of office must be decided at the autumn meeting of the representative council. The Council decided to nominate all those who were not elected in the elections as alternate members. The board of representatives justified this, among other things, by saying that some of the members of the Council graduate in the middle of the term and that the alternate members are also important.

Line paper for owner guidance
The Council decided to go through the policy paper on ownership control at its last meeting.

Save the dates!

– Tamko’s Christmas party at Bricks on December 5th, 2023 at 10 p.m

– The last meeting of the year will be held on December 12th, 2023 at 5 p.m