The Council meeting was held on 9th of November 2023 at TAMK’s main campus in auditorium E1-06. At the meeting, the Council elected a new executive director for Tamko. The meeting was held closed due to the handling of confidential personal data.

§152 Election of the Executive director
The recruitment of the executive director has been on 13.10.-27.10.2023. There were 21 applications, of which six applicants were interviewed by the Chairperson’s of Tamko. SAMOK executive director Vellu Taskila participated in the first three interviews. The board considered the applications at its meeting on November 7th , 2023, from which the three best applicants were presented to the Council. The representatives discussed and voted between the candidates. Jasmeet Saini was elected as the new executive director.

Save the dates!

– Tamko Christmas party at Bricks 5.12. 10 pm onwards!

– Meeting of the Council 12th of December at 5 pm.